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If you have come here looking for Yes Car Credit unfortunately they are no longer trading. We are now listing GetMeCarFinance.co.uk who provide car finance for customers with a bad credit history. They not only arrange car finance but also supply vehicles, giving lenders more options when trying to get car credit. They try to provide alternative methods that are affordable for poor credit score customers. That means finding the right car financing that suits the purchasers budget and matches your needs. We recommend applying to Get Me Car Finance instead.
Get Me Car Finance
Yes Car Credit have ceased trading we suggest Get Me Car Finance
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Get Me Car Finance

GMCF is not only a car supplier they are also a broker and a lender. They provide multiple routes for you to buy a vehicle with finance. Even if you have a terrible credit history. The vehicle finance options cover self employed, employed and even people on state benefits. With Get Me Car Finance you will most likely pay an higher APR interest rate back. But you will probably get an offer of finance for a car. If you have a great credit score and no problem getting a car loan. Then this is probably not the place for you to be applying for a car loan. Its the place to go when your backs against the wall financially and your desperate to get some transport.
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Admiral car loans

Admiral Car Finance

If you like to stick with the big names in the finance world when borrowing car money Admiral Car Finance is the right place. They've not been doing car loans long, only since 2017. They supply hire purchase deals and (PCP) personal contract purchase to finance a new car. Apply for a car loan with no obligation and the process will not effect your credit score.

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Car Finance 247

Car Finance 247

CarFinance247.co.uk is one of the best and trusted online car finance brokers. Over the years they have built robust relationships the loan and finance providers. Making it possible to give customers lending choices even if they have been refused a car loan elsewhere. Car Finance 247 are not cowboy outfit but a well established and reputable credit broker.

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History of Yes Car Credit

Founded in 1997 by Len Newby and Joe Prince. YCC had the backing of a venture capitalist and the Royal Bank of Scotland. It formed a UK nationwide network of used car branches where it liked to say “yes” when all other lenders said no. Yes Car Credit specialised in selling and approving used cars on loan packages To people who had been turned down for car credit by other dealers or lenders. Regardless of what credit history you had CCJ’s, defaults, mortgage arrears, council tax problems, or just a bad credit history. It was typical for a customer to pay an higher interest rate the worse their credit score or record is.
There was always around 3500 “quality” guaranteed cars in group stock to choose from. Most YesCarCredit branches had indoor showrooms and the cars were ready to drive away the same day. Also there was special offers e.g. new MOT, AA cover, 3 Years Mechanical Breakdown Warranty. Hey made more money from selling customers insurance than they did from the car loan deals.
The car credit firm was sold to Provident Financial in 2002 in a deal worth up to £141m depending on performance. Over years it developed a disreputable name especially after a BBC documentary. Which uncovered poor sales practice with customers being forced to buy expensive insurance policies. Yes Car Credit was closed down in 2005 by Provident Financial after big expected losses.

Questions Asked

With get GetMeCarFinance the application process can be done entirely on the internet.

This will depend on the lender some require a deposit where others do not. It all depends on who you get accepted with.

Cars can usually be purchased from any UK dealer that has a consumer credit license. GetMeCarFinance.co.uk list a big range of cars on their website.

The nature of a car credit loan company attracts bad reviews. That being said the reviews for Get Me Car Finance are pretty descent across the online review websites.

Car finance with poor credit

Buying a car on finance

No ready cash and you need some wheels, the only option is to borrow the money to buy a car. There are usually three ways you can do this. A personal unsecured, loan possible from your bank. With a personal loan you will own the vehicle outright and be able to sell the car on if you chose to. Hire purchase is another way to finance your new or used car purchase. It usually requires a deposit then further monthly instalments. When the final payment is made you own the car. Up until the final payment is made the finance company retain ownership. One of the most popular car finance options is PCP Personal Contract Purchase. The monthly payments are normally lower because you are paying off the depreciation value. At the end of the contract you will have a choice. To either pay of the rest of the cars value and take ownership with a “ballon payment”. Or return the car and take out a new contract agreement for an upgraded car. The car loan options open to you will significantly narrow if your credit rating is poor. Not only will you have less choice of lenders, the pay back rate (APR)will be considerable higher. Getting your credit score report in order prior to applying for a car loan or finance will save you money in the long run.