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The Positive Grid Spark Amp is a powerhouse 40 Watt combo guitar practice amplifier. It comes in tandem with an innovative app which will open the door on your practice with Auto Chords and Smart Jam features benefiting for all levels of players. It’s got a full range of multi-effects and legendary authentic valve sounding tones all packed in to a little desktop amp. In our opinion the best place to buy the Spark Amp is on Amazon.

Who makes the Positive Grid Spark Amp

Founded in 2011 by a group of musical engineers, well a mix of guitar players and software/hardware guys. It is headed by Calvin Abel the Chief Executive Officer. Now based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Positive Grid’s aim is to deliver a superior and creative mobile app music experience. They go right back to 2008, when Positive Grid invented and developed a range of core technologies. Focusing on integrating mobile technology with musical learning applications. The Jam Up Multi Effects Guitar App and Guitar Interface are the first steps in these innovations.
UK sellers of the Positive Grid Spark Amp

Where to buy the UK Spark Amp

shopping at Amazon


A great place on line to do your shopping for quick and safe delivery. The Positive Grid Smart Spark Amp is on Amazon for Prime delivery including next day.
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Positive Grid

The US developer and manufacturer of the Spark Amp. Positive Grid sell the Spark practice Amp with delivery to the UK. Shipping maybe delayed due to Covid.
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The shop for all things guitar online. GuitarGuitar.co.uk the biggest UK guitar seller online. They do sell the Positive Grid amp but stock levels are a bit hit and miss.

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Questions Asked

It was launched towards the end of 2019 and quickly became the must have guitar smart amp. By the end of 2020 it was being used by more than 150,000 guitarist worldwide.
The bluetooth function allows you to listen to music from your phone tab or computer. So it is also basically a Bluetooth speaker.

Store cards are available for purchases in store at the time of writing they cannot be used online. Giving an AS gift card allows the recipient to buy sexy lingerie and the chance to purchase something very naughty.

Buy from a supplier with UK stock, Amazon offer Prime next day delivery. Shopping for the Positive Grid Spark Amp in the UK was a complete headache when it was first released. Orders had to come from the US. Covid and a fire in the manufacturing factory added to the delays.

The Spark Amp cabinet is 7.4 inches high by 13.7 inches wide with a depth of  7.0 inches and weighs 11.4 pounds.

Demonstrations of the Spark amp

Youtube demos and unboxing videos

Positive Grid Spark Amp UK
Everyone is loving this state of the art super cool looking amp. Reviews, demos and unboxing of the Positive Grid Spark Amp are all over the internet. With all the hype about this guitar Darrell Braun’s Guitar channel tests the actual guitar playing experience the amp gives. He lets you know whether you should buy the Spark Amp or not. Also see the unboxing of UK Shopping Guides very own UK purchased Positive Grid Spark Amp. It’s a many faceted smart desktop guitar amplifier that can bring joy to your jam session.