The UK's best selling electric pressure cookers available to buy online

The modern electric pressure cookers can do so much more than just slow cook dishes. A compact multi cooker can even boil, bake, poach, steam roast, braise tough meat and even air fry nowadays. Believe it or not some inventive folk even make yogurt. Amazon UK is the easiest place to buy a cheap top quality pressure cooker. Get the latest deals and offers for do it all multi functional pressure cookers from the top brands like Ninja, Crockpot, Instant Pot and Tefal. The must have tool for every kitchen be it experienced chef or beginner cook.
Price Comparison on the best pressure cookers and instant pots

#1 Instant Pot 80

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#2 Crockpot Express

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#3 Ninja Foodi MAX

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#4 Tefal Cook4Me

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#5 Instant Pot Pro

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The best electric pressure cookers in the UK

1: Instant Pot 80

Instant Pot Duo 80 Electric Smart Pressure Cooker. What it does, 7 in 1 Smart Cooker: Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Sauté Pan, Yoghurt Maker, Steamer and Food Warmer – 8 Litre

Instant Pot Duo 80

The perfect electric pressure cooker made by Instant Pot a big brand in the multi-cooker world. Knock up nutritious cooked meals for the whole family with the Instant Pot 80 DUO. It’s a 1200 watt multi functional electric cooker made from stainless steel with an 8 litre capacity.
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2: Crockpot Express Pressure

Crockpot Express Pressure Cooker is a 12-in-1 programmable multi cooker, slow cooker, saute and food steamer, 5.6 litre capacity made with stainless steel.

Crockpot Express Multi-Cooker CSC051

If you don’t like cooking the classic Crock-Pot Express Multi Cooker CSC051 is designed for you. A well designed electric multi-cooker you can be confident of tackling any dish. It may not be the most stylish to look at but Crock Pot have decades of experience manufacturing slow cookers.

3: Ninja Max Cooker

Ninja’s new Foodi MAX Multi-Cooker, One pot does the lot features 7 in 1 uses, large 7.5 litre capacity, Electric Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer, Grey and Black.

Ninja Foodi MAX Multi-Cooker

The Ninja Foodi MAX has a marvellous range of cooking functions with a large capacity big enough to feed the whole family. It makes cooking delicious meals quick and easy. It also incorporates the exclusive TenderCrisp technology you can cook and crisp a whole 3kg roast chicken.

4: Tefal Cook4Me+

Tefal Cook4Me+ CY851840 one-pot digital pressure cooker. 6 litre capacity in black made from stainless steel.

Tefal Cook4 Me CY851840

The Tefal Cook 4 Me+ one pot digital pressure cooker makes complete healthy meals simple and quick. Set it up and leave it to do everything on automatic. 100 built in recipe function giving great ideas for delicious meals. It even has a keep food warm function.

5: Instant Pot Pro

Instant Pot Pro Crisp 11-in-1 Electric Multi Functional Cooker – Pressure Cooker, Air Fryer, Slow Cooker, Steamer, Griller, Dehydrator and Sous Vide Machine – Black Stainless Steel, 1500 Watt, 7.6L.

11 in 1 Instant Pot Pro Crisp

The amazing Instant Pot Pro Crisp is a versatile piece of kitchen equipment capable of a range of cooking abilities. Cooking with the Pro Crisp model has never been easier with adjustable touch button for all meals. Whatever needs cooking the Pro Crisp has it covered.
UK websites for small appliances

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Swan appliance shop

Swan Appliances

Swan sell a stylishly designed kitchen appliances and useful homewares. Shop here if you like delicious meals made with trendy retro kitchen cookware. Make food making memories with the family using iconic kitchen accessories. Checkout styles like Copper Range and Townhouse Range.
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small appliances ao

AO Electrical Store

AO are the biggest online seller of kitchen appliances in the UK. Improve your culinary skills with the best cooking appliances online. Whatever you’re searching for, they’ve got a big choice of slow cookers, multi cookers, steamers and air fryers.
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Hughes kitchen appliances


Top branded slow pressure cookers at cheap prices. Buy one of the best rated multi cookers that combine the latest technology for mouth-watering results. The perfect kitchen is complete with a pressure cooker from the top makes. Hughes stock brands like Morphy Richards, Ninja, Tefal and the original Crockpot.
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Which are best slow/pressure cookers to buy

Questions Asked

Almost anything can be cooked in a modern pressure cooker. From tenderising tough cuts of meat to a delicate soft centred boiled egg. It’s also excellent for cooking beans, pulses and vegetables for stews.
The modern pressure cookers are not like grandma’s from the fifties. They are designed with many safety features. Like all kitchen appliances they should be used in the correct manner.
Energy saving can be even a massive advantage when compared to using a gas hob to boil a pan with the likes of an egg. Cooking time is also a major factor with up to 70% time save in the kitchen. The sealed nature of pressure cooking keeps the flavours and richness of the food contained.
What are the best branded pressure cookers on the UK market? it’s a subjective question. Here in order of best being number one is our top list. 1: “Instant Pot” a brand of multi cookers. 2’: Crockpot” the slow cooker maker. 3:“Ninja” small kitchen appliances. 4: “Tefal” French cookware manufacturer.
All round multi cook pressure pans for food in an hurry

The modern type of electric pan

Pressure cookers have been around for years and some people still do not like them. It may stem from the worry it may explode or the antiquated view of a steaming pot on an old stove. It’s also a myth they’re for people who do not enjoy cooking. What is true, delicious home made meals can be made quicker if you do want to get out of the kitchen faster. There is two types of pressure cookers electric and stovetop which are heated by placing on a gas or electric stove. Most modern pressure cookers are electric making the heat better to regulate.