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Win a luxury car or money equivalent playing the Spot The Ball competition. Introduced by the football pools company Littlewoods, back in the days before the National Lottery. This was the dream ticket for working men and women to win big money prizes. The football pools or the weekly Spot The Ball competition was a remote hope of getting rich. You can even try your luck at BOTB who operate a spot-the-ball competition online and at UK airports.
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How to enter Spot the Ball competition

Visit the spot the ball website by clicking button above. Go to the prizes page and select your desired prize. This could be any thing from a top of the range Volkswagen camper van to a Ferrari F8 TRIBUTO or Lamborghini Huracan EVO. You can also choose to have the cash value instead! Once your prize as been selected choose the number of tickets you want to purchase. Tickets are different prices depending on the your choice of prize. Each ticket will give you a guess where you think the ball will be. After this you will see the picture of the football game with the missing ball. Use your skill selecting where you think the centre of the ball is. Lastly, make payment and wait for the result from the judges as they determine the winner. The expert football judges will decide where the middle of the ball is.
The football finding game

Similar UK Spot the Ball games

BOTB spot the ball


The modern day equivalent to spotting the ball. It’s easy to play online after opening an account. Members can play a variety of competitions with the chance to win dream cars and motorhomes. There’s always a guaranteed competition winner chosen by a digital Spot the Ball system.
The pools
The good old football pools brings back many a memory of a knock on the door by the pools man. It’s the worlds oldest football gambling game and is still available to play today. 8 score draws and your quids in for a big money prize. Visit now to fill your pools coupon in.
lottery games

National Lottery

The lottery burst on the scene on 14 November 1994 and we all thought we were gonna be winners. It soon dawned on people the odds far outweighed expectations. It’s still worth a flutter on roll over week just for the fun of it, don’t hold your breath the chances are slim.
A Little About STB

History of Spot the ball

Spot the ball is an old newspaper promotion, where you have to guess the position of a football that has been removed from a image of football match. The Spot the ball competition grew out of the Littlewoods Football Pools which was established in 1923. Littlewoods launched spot the ball in 1973 as a new idea. It quickly caught on and families would love to choose where to place the X on the coupon picture. This was before the days of the internet and digital marketing so coupon would be cut out and sent in the post. At its peak in the 1970s 3 million people played weekly spot the ball coupons. This went down to 10s of thousands when the National Lottery kicked off in 1994. Other companies have started with the idea like BOTB which offers cars and cash alternatives. The Spot the Ball competitions have also been at logger heads with HMRC over whether it is a gambling game or a competition.

Questions Asked About Spot The Ball

Pick your dream car or opt for cash. Examine the competition football photo page. Use your judgement to select the ball location. Pay for your tickets then wait for the expert judges to decide the centre of ball.
There is a choice of hundreds of dream super cars and cash prizes of different amounts. Ticket prices are different costs depending on the prize chosen.

It is operated as a skilled based prize competition that you can use your own skill and judgment to find the centre of the ball. STB competitions are presented to the consumer as involving some skill and judgment but also involves an element of chance. 

There is a panel of football sports experts who decide the winner. At the moment the judges are the ex goalie David Seamen, football manager Harry Redknapp and ex Liverpool player Emile William Ivanhoe Heskey.

Yes spottheball.com/prizes offer a fantastic range of classic and super cars/vans if they don’t tickle your fancy opt for the cash instead.

Spotting the ball

Techniques for spotting the ball

The best tips for how to win spot the ball competitions.
Its all in the eyes! follow the players eye lines. What direction are the players eyes aiming it maybe the most obvious tip but the most helpful one. Cross reference where the active and background players eyes are looking.
Use a ruler to map eye-line directions and scenarios. Using a ruler will help immeasurably with pinpointing eye directions between players. This is how the judges will define the ball location. You could even use a geometry ruler like a Goniometer.
Youtube Spot the Ball previous game judging videos. It’s a good insight into the judging process. The original ball was removed and the judges decide where the ball should be, so watch and learn how they decide. It all helps and you can see how the judges define where the ball is.
Zoom into the picture for a clearer view of the players eye direction. Not seeing the picture clearly will effect your chances of placing the ball.
Lastly the more tickets you buy the better chance you have of winning and someone as to win, why not you!
There are many Spot the Ball competitions but the two most trusted are spottheball.com and botb.com. They give the player a chance of winning some exciting cash prizes and the best supercars around. It all boils down to predicting the location of the elusive ball in a picture of a football match.

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