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When suffering with issues such as erectile dysfunction or thinning hair, most people shy away from purchasing items over the counter. Even though these products can change a persons life. That’s why Shytobuy provide a large range of products and devices for men and women who prefer a discreet alternative to high street shops. Whatever your personal care and sexual health needs, Shy To Buy offer fast, discreet billing and plain packaging shipped straight to your door.
Shy to Buy

What ShytoBuy UK sell

Shy To Buy sell branded and reputable well known brands of devices, pills and potions. All designed to help with embarrassing issues. It’s an eclectic mix of unique products for issues effecting both males and females. Areas covered include personal wellbeing, sexual health, skincare and balding haircare. Shopping at Shy To Buy offers a unique shopping experience in which the customer can input their personal care needs. An array of different products, supplements and devices suited to them will be offered. Treat your embarrassing conditions without leaving your home. Save yourself a red face and shop from home with discreetly delivered purchases.
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Embarrassing personal Buys

The most embarrassing items to buy online

Here is a list of some of the most popular items purchased discreetly online via websites like www.shytobuy.uk. 1: Emuaid and EmuaidMAX ointments, This ointment is ideal for dealing with all troublesome skin conditions and comes in two strengths. It’s a specifically formulated antibacterial ointment and anti-fungal cream that treats many skin issues. If all your other options have been exhausted try this ointment that soothes hydrates and purifies 100s of skin concerns. 2: Erectile dysfunction treatments offered at ShytoBuy UK, erection problems are very sensitive male issue. You will find a number of treatments that will either help keeping it up or getting it up. Shy to Buy sell anti erectile dysfunction remedies in the form of capsules gels, oils and creams. Some of the male erectile performance brands sold are Viaman Viper Pro Capsules and ViaGel, Prosolution Gel. 3: Thinning hair, It’s an unfortunate fact that both men and women suffer from thinning hair which in turn can have a damaging effect on your self esteem. ShytoBuy has some great advice and products to deal with this undesirable and for some distressing problem. Revitalise your hair with a choice of supplements in tablet and capsule form. There is also serums conditioners and Foligai Trioxidil Shampoo’s for men and women. As well as innovative devices like Foligain Scalp Roller and Theradome Laser Helmet for balding and thinning hair. pharmacy 2 u
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History of Shy To Buy

Shytobuy was established in 2004 and is part of Hexpress Ltd. They run an umbrella of healthcare websites and services operating in numbers countries worldwide. The website is run by Wisby team of creative web developers. ShytoBuy.uk helps people overcome embarrassing conditions by making remedies accessible. Product ranges cover baldness treatments, skin issues and sexual dysfunction treatments. Free shipping offered on orders over £35, they operate in 13 countries worldwide with thousands of happy red faced customers. If ever you’re in doubt, they have a team of dedicated sales reps ready to live chat from Monday to Friday, between 8am and 6pm.

Questions Asked

Shy to Buy items will arrive at your door discreetly packaged and delivered by Royal Mail special delivery.
There is no indication they offer gift cards and not sure its the best website for gift cards. Payment can be made by Credit / Debit Cards, Bank Transfers, PayPoint (Pay by Cash). Billing transaction will appear on your account as ComfortClickSTBUK.
Now offering click and collect would defeat the object of avoiding an embarrassing encounter when buying something you would much prefer to keep to yourself.