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QVCUK.com, is the online shopping website for the QVC UK shopper. Its owned by the US Qurate Retail Group. Website customers can shop for thousands of quality products. UK delivery is fast and reliable with great community forums and customer service back up. They also have loads of product video presentations. It can be surprisingly entertaining watching the QVC channel.
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What QVCUK sell

Find interesting items that you will love. QVC is a powerhouse in sourcing bargain shopping items like jewellery, fashion home-goods, electronics, and more deals on goods for the whole family. Products are specially curated and selected for practicality and uniqueness. They like to feature brands that have a super story behind them. This creates a great storyline the presenters can bring to life. QVC are always looking out for new exclusive products and great idea finds that their customers love.
Top UK TV shopping websites

The best UK TV shopping channels

High Street TV

High Street TV

HighStreetTV.com is a multi channel seller with a wide product range. Purchases are available to buy across many channels including on the internet, print, and mobile. High Street TV are one of the largest and most successful multi channel retailers.
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Ideal World shopping

Ideal World

Another successful and long standing television shopping channel. Ideal World sell 1000’s of items from different categories. They seem to be an established and entertaining TV shopping channel with some great deals and bargains to be found.

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qvc shopping


The most well known of all the UK TV shopping channels. Shopping comes with the back up of an international TV shopping channel. There is also options for spreading the cost on most  items. Looking good and feeling good is cheaper at QVC.
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A Little About

History of QVC

The home shopping channel concept all started in 1977 with a debt to a radio station and 112 electric can openers. It eventually morphed into the Home Shopping Network (HSN) but thats another story and once a rival to QVC. It was all started by the American serial entrepreneur Joseph Myron Segel. He watched the HSN and decided he could improve the format. So in 1986 launched QVC standing for “Quality Value Convenience”. This turned into an international multi billion dollar company. In 2017 they bought out HSN for $2.1 billion making them the big daddy of TV shopping. QVC first aired in the UK on the 1st October 1993. The first sale was the “Windsor Shower Companion” a shower radio.

Questions about QVC UK

They do have a QVC outlet store in Warrington based in the Birchwood shopping centre. The stock at the outlet store could be customer returns and items which may not be in the original packaging or manufactured condition. These items are stated to be limited in numbers but still at low prices.
Apart from the unique products sold. QVC has a cult following of its shopping channel presenters both for comic mishaps and their skill at describing and selling items.
In the UK QVC do not sell gift cards or vouchers. It is possible to shop for a gift and have it delivered straight to the recipients address.

QVC is short for: Quality Value Convenience.

Beauty items are the top seller on UK QVC channel.
The TV shopping presenters at qvcuk.com

Hosts at QVC UK shopping channel

QVC presenters are like mini celebrities in the TV shopping channel world. They are basically sales people plying their presenting skills to get you to buy the product they are featuring. Behind the pearly white smiles grinds a relentless selling machine that works to make everything seem effortlessly casual. QVC hosts work round the clock demonstrating products for shoppers. They can express new ideas and ways to use the humble mop or extol the benefits of solar lights. No need for the hard sell door to door Kirby vacuum salesman. We invite the sales pitch direct into our living rooms.

Regular British TV viewers will be familiar with a host of QVC current shopping celebrities like Alex Kramer, Chloe Everton, Jackie Kabler, Katy Pullinger, Ophelia Dennis, Alison Keenan, Craig Rowe, Jill Franks, Miceal Murphy, Annaliese Dayes, Anne Dawson, Dale Franklin, Jilly Halliday, Will Gowing, Catherine Huntley, Debbie Flint, Pipa Gordon, Charlie Brook, Eilidh Nairn, Simon Biagi.
Everyone as their favourite and the ones that irritate them. They are also notorious for gaffes and often give unexpected comedic relief. The presenters behaviours are no accident, QVC channel is in real time and the backroom team see live sales stats. This gives them the option of advising the presenter via ear piece to refrain or repeat actions to increase sales.