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Buying CDs and vinyl records online is now the primary way we shop for our music. Taking a trip to the local record shop to sift through the albums is becoming a distant memory. The vinyl revival is predominantly buying and selling records online and this definitely goes for CDs.

Music CDs

It may be standard these days to stream all your music. However, we still love to own a personal collection of our best albums on authentic CDs. Not only CDs but vinyl records are cool to collect. It may come to pass in a few years there is a revival of CDs just like the vinyl revival of today.

Music Streaming

The future of music is streaming, listen to the best music without having to fork out every time for a cd. The music streaming business burst into life in recent years in the UK with 68 billion songs streamed in 2017. Whether you're a fan of the Bieber or Nirvana stream away.

Music Merchandise

If you don’t want to settle for just listening to your respected artists. Go to the next step and purchase merchandise connected to your favourite bands and music artists. Buying “merch” inspired items is a way of showing your loyalty. Music fans buy anything from t shirts to posters.

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Entertainment shopping for music streaming, CDs, vinyl records and musical related website shops.

Unleashed the music, Amazon Music Unlimited fifty million songs and all the new releases from the day’s best and most popular artists. Download your songs and albums to listen when you have no connection so you can listen wherever you are. All with no annoying adverts. Or buy CDs from Amazon Music at some of the best prices on the internet.

  •  Regular menbership offers 99p for 3 months
  •  Unlimited access to all and any song
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Shopping for music CD's and streaming
music magpie
Sell your old CD's at Music Magpie for cheap gaming
All the major artist CDs at great prices
zavvi dvds blu rays
Popular music, video games, DVD, Blu-ray
Speedyhen sell a huge range of DVDs, CDs, Vinyls
Zoom DVD shop
Music CD’s and vinyl you'll love to buy

Top 5 sites for UK music shops selling CDs vinyl records and music memorabilia entertainment

1: Base

About: One of the older websites that sell CDs and now like all the other online music retailers they have branched out into selling video games and DVDs. If you are into your music then you have a choice of over a hundred thousand CDs. Also, various games formats along with Blu Ray movies. They have free delivery on orders in the UK with over eighty percent dispatched the same day.

History Summary: Dedicated internet entertainment retailer based in the UK. Base is owned and run by Online Commerce Ltd a UK registered company based in Cheltenham. The same company also own Dapper Street a website selling modern streetwear and designer menswear. Veteran online retailer Joe McNicholas is one of the managers steering the business. It was established in 1991 and does have some high street clothing stores. Best Buys: Top selling chart CDs. Sign up for their newsletter. High trust pilot reviews. Over a 100,000 CD’s, DVD’s and games. buy and sell

2: Music Magpie

About: Initially Music Magpie was a website that bought and sold old CDs and DVDs, they do still sell CDs and buy them. In recent years though they have branched out into the world of tech and electronics specialising it seems in mobile phones. It’s a good site to sell lots of your unwanted stuff easily and re-shop for other items in the new Music Magpie store.

History Summary: Based in Stockport near Manchester Music Magpie is known as the lazy peoples eBay. It certainly does take the bother out of selling old music CDs. Why cos they send you a pre-paid postal box you pile all your old CDs games and DVDs into it and they send you a cheque, simple. Started in 2007 by Steve Oliver and Walter Gleeson out of Steve’s garage in Stockport. Music Magpie have so far paid out over £220 million buying old stuff like CDs. The hard copy music disk is declining so they have diversified into tech and mobile phones.

Best Buys: Buying your old music CDs

  • Dedicated vouchers and promos page
  • Delivery on all orders is free
  • A range of offers and discounts in the store his masters voice

3: HMV Music

About: On the HMV website you will be surprised to know they sell a complete variety of CDs from the Beatles to Beyoncé. If it’s coming out on vinyl soon, they will stock it. Why bother going to ASDA or Tesco’s who sell bread and soap powder for music CDs that’s not cool. Visit your favourite music entertainment retailer for a proper CD or vinyl record shopping experience.

History Summary: The music store HMV always a trusted source on the high street for buying your music and posters. It’s now forging its way in the crowded music entertainment market online. The music shop also owns the Scottish music chain store Fopp. The HMV phrase was created in the 1890s from a painting called His Masters Voice by Francis Barraud. It depicts a little white terrier dog (Nipper) listening to a gramophone. They bought the painting for advertising purposes. Listen to Nipper the dog he knows a good tune when he hears one plus books and music memorabilia.

music store shopping

Best Buys: Pop vinyl bobble head figures

  • Audiophile vinyl record gift packages
  • Numerous bundle deals and special sales
  • T-Shirts and posters of your favourite artists

4: Spotify

About: Spotify the digital music and podcast streaming service gives you access to millions of songs and podcasts from music artists all around the world. Try it first with adverts before upgrading to Spotify premium. It’s now a huge player if not the biggest in the music industry streaming services. You can instantly access all the songs and playlists by just creating an account with no commitments. So dip your toe in and test the musical experience. Signing up is easy you can sign in with your face book account.

History Summary: Spotify was developed in 2006 as a start-up business in Stockholm Sweden. Launched in 2008 its gradually changed the way we listen to music. Spotify’s music library encompasses the lot from main stream pop hits to rare grunge classics. How does Spotify work, unlike physical CDs or buying a download which pays the artist a fixed price per song or LPs sold. When a song is streamed on Spotify the artist will receive a fee based on the proportion of total songs streamed. It has received some criticism and backlash from some artists and musicians specifically Taylor Swift who complained it does not pay them enough.

Best Buys: New clients 3 months premium for 99p

  • Spotify family plan up to five people
  • Listen offline download playlists onto your phone
  • Daily mixes of music you will love rare music collections

5: 991 - EIL

About: 991 sell rare CDs and hard to find vinyl LP records along with music history memorabilia and music discography. These guys aren’t the run of the mill CD sellers they are passionate about all thing’s music. You will find on their website over a quarter of a million musical items from vinyl records to Ronnie Woods underpants. If your selling scarce vinyl records or CDs then 991 will buy, in fact any music memorabilia and old music merchandise – Shop now.

History Summary: Founded by Julian Thomas and Robert Croydon who are now the company directors. With almost 30 years knowledge in the world of rare records and music memorabilia. Esprit Mail Order, Esprit Records and 991 is run by a team of genuine music fanatics who have a global reach for obscure and collectable vinyl records and musical memorabilia. Dealing in records since 1986 and through the online website since 1995 you will not find a more experienced LP record collector site. Helping the serious music record collectors and music enthusiasts for decades. They have offices in London and in Japan Hiroshima.

991 rare cd's

Best Buys: Rare vinyl records and CDs

  • Vintage music memorabilia gear
  • Sell your rare records and CDs
  • Blog news on old-fashioned music
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UK Shopping for music stores selling CDs from the charts. Our aim is to provide a directory of UK cd music shops and streaming services like Spotify and Amazon so you can compare prices on CDs and find the best deals available. Online music shops selling chart and import music discs and vinyl LPs at markdown prices. Play your tunes on the latest and best music playing devices on the market for superior sound quality.