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They provided a computer repair service and sold parts to make your own PC setup and ready built systems for everything from gaming to small office IT systems. Micro Direct were Microsoft Certified Partners / ISO 9001:2000 qualified and worked with top makers including Shuttle, Iiyama, AMD, Asus etc. Their website was microdirect.co.uk it is now in a parked state.
Micro Direct have ceased trading we recommend shopping at Amazon click, Currys PC World or our other tech shop choices below. Try Maplin instead

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Micro Direct no longer trading we recommend Maplin
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PC component specialist

Micro Direct the UK computer components shop has a massive range of computer products, ranging from the essential CPUs and motherboards, to high powered graphics cards and gadgets. Micro Direct Ltd sell quality computer components peripherals and shuttle PC Systems special offers daily! ATI graphic card, Nvidia graphic card, maxtor hard drive CPUs and motherboards, graphics cards and gadgets. They supply every thing for your entertainment and computer from PCs to Laptops, cameras printers dvd players plasma screens all at great prices. Since Micro Direct launched its Internet computer sales site www.microdirect.co.uk – they were currently in the top 20 UK sites in the computing industry. Exclusive online deals visit the Micro Direct website.
A Little Bit About

History of Micro Direct

Micro Direct was established in 1993 and run by directors Asif Aqeel, Javid Iqbal and Mohammed Shafiqand. They were Manchester based and set up in an old pub the Blackstock on 275 Upper Brook St, Manchester. It started off retailing PC’s and components and grew into one of Manchester’s leading PC supply companies. After a decade they had their own warehouse facility and several showrooms around Manchester. They ran into cash flow problems after reporting operating losses. In June 2011 it went bust owing £880,000 to several creditors significantly Micro Peripherals.

Questions Asked

They did repair computers and diagnose slow running virus issues. Microdirect.co.uk also offered a full custom build PC service, ideal for gaming and specific use PCs.

Reviews are a mixed bag with the biggest complaints being the customer service and returns procedure.

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Microdirect.co.uk could supply you with a professionally built internet ready PC and barebones computers, components for PC repairs, replacements and DIY home computer builds. At Microdirect they stocked an extensive range of computer parts including hard drives, motherboards, Intel and AMD CPU processors and computer memory. Crystal clear graphic cards and getting you into the game with the latest graphics cards from Nvidia and ATI, upgrade your LCD Monitor or make some rocking noise with a brand new sound card and computer speakers.
To protect your digital media we offer a range of External Hard Drives, Flash Memory (eg. SD Cards for digital cameras and mobile phones), Pen Drives and Blank CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs. If you need printer ink for the home or at office printer they could supply you with budget printer paper, printer inks and laser toner cartridges.
Their customer support is on hand to offer a full PC build and repair service, they can fix the majority of laptop and desktop faults. If your PC is running slowly or you think you may have a virus find out more about their repair service.