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The Lucky Lotto Syndicate allows you to play in 1,000’s of lines for the Euro Millions, Power Ball and the UK Lottery every week for a lot less than playing on your own. Join a syndicate now and cut your odds of winning the big prizes, by combining your number picking betting efforts with others. Lucky Lotto Syndicate site is down LuckyLottoSyndicate.com try Lotto Social.
UK Lotto syndicate

Joining a Lottery Syndicate

Join a private members lotto syndicate LuckyLottoSyndicate.com and be part of a professionally run lotto syndicate. Some of the best lottery wins have been won by lotto syndicates. Get your self signed up its an easy process of just filling in some basic details. You could also earn big bonuses by getting friends and family onboard. If they win you will also receive the same amount into your account.

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About Lucky Lotto Syndicate

Lucky Lottery Syndicate is a private member lottery syndicate website run by Lucky Lotto Limited. They publish results of the lines they play every week.

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They use Paypal to withdraw smaller amounts of winnings but if your lucky enough to strike a bigger win this can be made by bank transfer.
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Win big by joining a lottery syndicate

Joining the Lucky Lotto Syndicate is no difference really to doing the lottery with a group of friends or work colleagues. You may not be in a position to join this type of syndicate that’s why the Lucky Lotto Syndicate is ideal for some people. There have been many big lottery wins come from these types of syndicates.