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UK loan sites – get a UK loan today? Look here for home owner loans secured unsecured even if you have a bad credit history. Low interest loans consolidation loans, car loans, apply online now. Our aim is to provide a directory of UK loan companies so you can compare interest rates and find the best loan or mortgage available.

Credit Cards

It’s near impossible to function in a modern society with out plastic money. Find out what credit cards the UK Shopping Guide lists in the directory.


Life can be precarious in a multitude of situations getting your back covered with insurance is a very wise move. Take a look at our insurance deals.

Personal Finance

Our home page for all matters finance helping you with banking, insurance and credit not comprehensive but a brief look at trusted providers.

UK Loan Providers

The best lenders and providers of personal loans in the UK A broker of secured loans

1: UK Loans

About: are a UK finance broker supplying secured borrowing for home improvements and clearing multiple debts into a tidy consolidation debt. Its easy to compare the markets best homeowner loans and secured loans. If you apply it will not have any bad effect on your credit score it will be a “soft search” application. They only partner with legitimate lenders and will not pass on your details to any other intermediaries or brokers. Best For: The best loans offered with leading lenders. Homeowner’s get loans from £10,000 to £10 million. Low loan rates even for bad credit problems.

2: MoneySupermarket

About: Looking for a personal loan is mind boggling that’s why its extremely useful to use a loan comparison website. Even if you are using MoneySuperMarket just to gauge what interest rates you are likely to be offered. You will have a better idea what personal loan is best for you after the process. MoneySuperMarket compare loan offers from more than 40 trusted lenders. The application process does not damage your credit rating and you can see your chances of being accepted. It is advisable to get a credit report before applying for a loan. Having a bad credit score can effect the interest rate you pay back on a loan. Don’t stay in the dark about your finances find out what the lenders will base their decisions on. One great thing about MoneySuperMarket is the free credit score service they provide called the Credit Monitor. Try it today and get some great tips on how you can improve your credit score. A better credit rating will give you more options when borrowing money and possibly get improved interest rates.

Money Supermarket

Best For: Free credit score checker

  • Compare with the best loan lenders today
  • Apply with No harm to your credit score

Get a credit report first before applying for a loan

3: TotallyMoney

About: Get a free credit report that will not further damage an already poor credit rating. See what information lenders scrutinise when making decisions about lending you money. Repair and make your credit rating work in your favour. – Get help finding lenders that match your credit rating. – Free delivery on all items and two man team available.

4: Compare The Market

About: Compare cheap loan rates today with the well known company that uses cute meerkats in their advertising. They have their very own loan calculator that helps loan searchers find the loan that suits their needs. These personal loan providers let you lend a fixed amount of money over a certain amount of time. The best loans are the ones with the lowest interest rates and that’s what Compare the Market try to find for you. Most people applying could save money using Compare the Market. They also compare lots of other stuff like credit cards, insurance and utility bills.

5: Post Office Loans

What they offer: The Post Office is a name everyones knows and they have a massive amount of retail outlets giving the assurance your borrowing from a trusted source. They also provide other financial services including insurance, travel money and of course loans between £1,000 and £25,000. These can come with monthly fixed repayments so you know exactly what you’re paying back each month.
It’s not actually the Post Office that lends the money they are a credit broker. Their loans are underwritten by Bank of Ireland UK. They do also have fast checker service to see if you are eligible for a personal loan this can be applied for without effecting your credit score.If you need a new car or want to make some home improvements or just want to organise your finances and consolidate debts. Whatever you need to borrow the money for a personal loan from the Post Office could be the answer.

Best For: Easy online application process

  • An Instant decision can be given
  • Handy online repayments calculator

6: Get Me Car Finance

About: If you are struggling to get car finance because of bad credit then Get Me Car Finance is the right place for you to be applying. They are bad credit car finance experts offering many ways to buy a car with finance. The good thing about them is they are a broker and a lender meaning they will try and find a lender to borrow you the money to buy a car. If that is not successful they can try and find the terms where they themselves will secure a way to get you motoring with car finance.

Best For: Poor credit specialist

  • People claiming benefits are welcome
  • On acceptance buy from any UK dealer
Before applying for a loan its a good idea to get a credit report and keep on top of what lenders know about your credit history.

The road to debt recovery

Managing finances in the modern world can be very stressful. If you are finding it difficult to manage your money or lack of it do not bury your head and let it drift on it will only get worse. There is help out there to bring light to all dire financial situations. Tackling financial problems need not be a lonely road. Your first port of call should be the Citizens Advice it will be the start of your budgetary recovery. If you have paid in to the system, do not be proud about seeking benefits from the government that’s what the social security system is there for. There is a range of benefits that may help alleviate your financial burden check the governments website on benefits. Putting off dealing with money issues will not help and when you do get it started it can be a cleansing and cathartic mechanism for mental freedom.
Also get a free Experian credit report if your credit history is messed up its best to know where you stand financially in the eyes of lenders.