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JML sell a wide choice of new innovative designed gadgets and contraptions that make everyday chores around the home a whole lot easier. You may of seen one of JML’s signs or TV demonstrations in well known stores like Homebase, Wilkos and Boots plus the major grocery shops including Tesco’s and Asda.
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JMLDirect.com aka The home of great ideas. Jmldirect.com sell a wide variety of gadgets and gizmos that make life’s chores a little bit easier around the home. JML Direct also known as John Mills Limited sells and develops products in a number of categories. Including health and beauty, pet stuff, homewares, DIY plus a growing choice of gift ideas. The outlets for JML sales are through its website jmldirect.com on TV channels, catalogues and by way of in in-store TV screen demonstrations.

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A Quick Glance at www.jmldirect.com

History of JML Direct UK

JML (John Mills Limited) was founded by John Mills in 1986. It all started in North London a Camden Town basement to be exact. They started out demonstrating and exhibiting products live at places like department stores, shopping centres and the Ideal Home exhibition. They now have stands with TV screen product adverts in some of the UK’s most popular shops including Wilko, Robert Dyas, Homebase and Asda among other big name shops. JML also claim to have distribution in over 50 counties and growing. Two of the most prominent people in the conception of JML are John Mills himself chairman and Ken Daly who is the present day CEO.

Questions Asked

You may have noticed a JML TV whilst shopping in one of the major UK stores. JML marketing  TV’s are usually at the end of the aisle showing a video demonstration of a new innovative product.

JML stands for John Mills Limited after the founder John Mills and the word Limited.

JML Direct products can be purchased through their website www.jmldirect.com. Products can also be bought at lots of high street shops like Asda, Argos, Boots, Tesco, Robert Dyas, Morrisons, Homebase, Dunhelm, Wilko, The Range and many more.

1: Phoenix Gold ceramic Iron, a built-in steam generator easily removes stubborn creases, making piles of ironing quick.

2: The Nutri Blitzer, JML Nutri Blitzer superfood smoothie maker and juice blender is a fast and easy way to refuel your body with all the essential nutrients. Blitz your way to a daily dose of vitamins, nutrients and fibre blending fruit and veg.

3: The JML Rubber Wonderbroom, a broom that’s specially designed out of rubber. It has a multi purpose uses and can clean varied indoor and outdoor surfaces. With an extendable handle and squeegee effect for wet surfaces it can clean high windows and low down pet hair riddled carpets.

4: Lotus Wok, A carbon steel wok that is great at heat distribution, with metal utensil scratch resistance nano silica durability. This wok is designed for professional asian cooking techniques, so ideal for your home Chinese stir frying and deep frying dishes.

5: Hurricane Spin Scrubber, JML are all about making domestic home chores easier and that’s just what the Hurricane Spin Scrubber does. Its cordless and rechargeable and makes light work of solid dirt stains. With its 300 rpm rotating cleaning head and 4 foot reach its great for all rooms and outside areas.

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JML are always on the lookout for the next great product design or idea. If you have a design idea that could be the next ingenious time saving domestic chore killer give them a call on +44 (0)20 7691 3800. The best of British talented innovators are welcome with a revolutionary product concepts, get in touch with JML’s product development department. With the royalties this time next year you could be a millionaire.