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Beauty and hair care salons based in Belfast Northern Ireland with an emphasis on male grooming. Jason Shankey salons focus on making you feel great by improving your look. It’s where you go in Belfast for mens grooming and superior haircuts to make you feel and look better in a man-friendly environment. Shankey salons also provide exceptional cut-throat razor shaves and tanning sunbeds.
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Jason Shankey Mens Hair and Skincare Products

Jason Shankey sell their own branded male grooming range including hair, shaving and skincare products for men. Product range includes a hair styling cream that gives a light shine and comes in 50 ml pots. The best selling hair sculpturing product is the expert hair styling paste which can give versatile looks. They also sell Shankey shaving creams and aftershave moisturising balms for soothing skin post shave. Prepare your skin for close shaving with the Jason Shankey exfoliating face scrub. This will raise the hairs and remove dead skin prior to applying razor for a close and comfortable shave. If you want to learn how to shave with a cut throat razor like the professionals Jason Shankey sell a DVD outlining the process. All these products have been tested, not on animals but on barbers. These items can be purchased via their website but they do also have female and male salons providing hairdressing and beauty treatments for men and women. They used to have the web address jasonshankey.co.uk selling a full range of skincare and luxury hair products plus equipment like GHD hair straighteners. Not sure why this e-commerce beauty site closed as it was well regarded amongst online beauty product buyers.
A Little About

History of Jason Shankey

Jason Shankey trained as a chef after leaving school, he quickly realised this path was not for him. After taking advice from his mother who happened to be a hairdressing teacher he enrolled onto a hairdressing and barbering course. He also spent time in London learning the haircutting trade and brought the skills learnt back to Belfast. His first foray into owning his own salon was in Ballyhackamore Belfast and was called Hackers Barber Shop. In 1997 after receiving a facial gift voucher he had the idea for the male grooming salon. At the time this was a pioneering concept to offer men similar beauty treatment to women’s salons. The Jason Shankey male grooming and tanning salon was born. A premium range of male grooming treatments was offered. These included hair styling, massages, hot towel shaves and facial treatments. It’s the place to go for a man to get pampered in an atmosphere akin to a gentleman’s club with sports tv and beer on tap. The male grooming business expanded into the Jason Shankey own brand of mens hair and skincare lines. Along side Jason running the hairdressing salons was his wife Brenda Shankey. A lot of the success can be attributed to the husband and wife partnership. Unfortunately after an 18 year relationship and marriage the couple announced their separation. This possibly had a negative effect on the business with the company Jason Shankey Hairdressing Ltd being dissolved. Belfast salons are still active and the jasonShankey.com website still up and running. In fact Jason Shankey is now the place to go in Belfast for gents to get trimmed and groomed.

Questions Asked

There was a salon in Fulham London but this business is now inactive and another male grooming barbershop is running from the same premises. Jason Shankey appear to be based solely in Northern Ireland. They do run a franchise but it’s unclear if there are any in England.

Gift vouchers are available to buy and can be used for the male grooming products on the Jason Shankey website. You can also redeem these vouchers at one of the salons for a range of beauty treatment which include facials for men, tanning and hair styling.

Jason Shanker pioneered the beauty salon for men and has tailored the treatments to suit. They range from Guybrows, shaping and tinting the eyebrows to relaxing deep clean facials. The list of treatments cover the entire body and are conducting in salons geared to make men feel comfortable in a beauty salon environment. Beer and football is on the agenda but optional.

Grooming advice for men

How to have the perfect face shave

Shaving can be inconvenient and an irritant if not done right. Now shaving isn’t rocket science and men shave on average 3 times a week, so let’s see how to shave in the correct way to avoid the problems associated with bad shaving. Firstly make sure there is good lighting and you can see your ugly mush clearly. Soften your skin by hydration this means splashing water on your face numb nut. Ideally shave after a shower when the steam and water will of softened your skin. Exfoliating with a face scrub and water helps soften hair and removes dead skin cells. Although its not recommended if you shave daily or frequently exfoliate only a couple times a week at most. Thoroughly rinse off excess face scrub with warm water. Apply your chosen shaving cream or gel, try choosing one that matches your skin type there’s lots available for you guys with sensitive skin. Lather it up and apply all over the area to be shaved lifting the hairs upwards ready for shaving.
The big question
Shave with or against the hair growth direction. Well here’s the answer both directions, hair can grow a little erratically on the face. The major rule here is there’s no rule shave in the direction that is comfortable for you. Stretch the skin behind the razor for a flatter shaving surface on awkward areas. Rinse your razor after each swipe to remove excess shaving cream and hairs on the blade. Don’t be a tight wad and use your razor more times than its fit for, a blunt razor will cause dragging across the skin and irritation. When you have finished shaving rinse with colder water to close the pores and pat dry. Check for areas you may have missed and go over again. Store your razor in a dry place they are made of steel and will rust if left in a damp environment. If you’re using a post shave balm moisturiser put this on after splashing with your desired cologne or aftershave. As the famous gentleman boxer Henry Cooper said, “Splash It All Over”. You are now a zen master of using a very sharp blade, go and get em tiger.