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Most people are happy to use their mobile phones as a portable music player. Then there are others who are more discerning listeners of music. They want a specific music playing device with superior sound fidelity and better file storage. A music player designed for music that will do justice to high end headphones. Buttons that are design for music and dedicated to controlling how you listen. Mobile phones are full of apps a music player has storage that’s reserved just for music. The reason you are here is because you are one of the astute listeners of music.

MP3 Players

Portable music players beat mobile phones when it comes to music. MP3 players have high resolution audio meaning more musical data then your iPhone or CD. Storage is specific designed for music with built in hard drive. They have high grade headphone amp for better sound and balance.

Home Smart Speakers

Smart speakers will be in every home of the future. A wireless speaker controlled by voice commands. If you can yell orders at your speaker to make it control apps, it’s a smart speaker. Amazon have the Alexa, Google the Home Pod and Sonos One for the best sound quality.


Block a world of stress out and enjoy your music the way you should. Options to suit comfort and activity. Headphone varieties consists of wired, wireless and Bluetooth. Wearing styles can be in-ear canal headphones, on-ear and over-ear.

iPods MP3 players and smart speakers

The best websites selling MP3 music players

Amazon the market place for audio tech buy digital audio players (DAP) and wireless home speaker systems.
Shopping at Amazon for audio music players gives you many options when buying. The benefits of reviews from previous customers is vital for a successful purchase of your new digital music players retailer. Prime same day delivery on many players. Buyer reviews from verified purchasers. Vast choice of digital media players.
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The Top 5 online shops for digital music players and home pod smart speakers in the UK

1: Advanced MP3 Players

About: There is not a better place on the internet to buy MP3 players and pro audio equipment. That’s a statement of fact. They are the professional suppliers online of the biggest range of the most innovative mobile music players. Advanced MP3 Players have a choice that covers the best brands of ipods MP3 players and headphones. They stock brands most have not even heard of like Cowon Plenue and Astell and Kern these are supreme quality MP3 music players. Along with expert audio gadget advice and free delivery. Not to forget the price beat deals my earlier statement of fact stands strong. The UK’s primary online shop for all thing’s digital music.

History Summary: Advanced MP3 Players, situated in Scotland near Edinburgh, started trading online in 2001 with the philosophy of consummate professionalism in the field of MPS players and an ethos of excellence in customer service. Supplying an unrivalled range of digital music players, you will not find elsewhere online. This coupled with a website that informs the customer on all aspects of their purchase of digital MP3 players. They have developed into one of the best websites with the largest range of MP3 players with brands like Colorfly and Sonos, stock also includes headphones and accessories.

Best Buys: Branded quality MP3 players

  • Charts for best selling audio products
  • Celebrated AMP3 newsletter for audio lovers
  • Live support from experts on MP3 players

2: My Memory

About: Granted they are a specific retailer of digital memory and storage cards but they also sell a range of MP3 players and accessories for portable audio players. If its headphones your looking for the variety is second to none with high spec noise cancelling headphones. Check them out you will not be disappointed. Besides all that they are the top seller online of memory cards and sticks.

History Summary: MyMemory is an internet based digital memory shop, selling reasonably priced branded memory formats home and personal electronics. The main selling items are microSD, SD cards and in-ear headphones, iPods and accessories. It was founded in Jersey and started from a home conservatory by John Parker who is the managing director another director is Karl Moss. They are a privately held company based on the Channel Isles, Address: Unit 5, 4 La Rue Martel, Saint Saviour, JE2 7QR, Jersey. The company was founded in 2003 and appears to be well run with long term employees. You may find some items are dispatch from Switzerland double check the VAT situation if you are buying for a business.

Best Buys: SanDisk Clip Jam MP3 players

  • Extra memory choices for audio devices
  • Hassle free ordering with free returns
  • Find memory and equipment for your device iPod MP3 and headphones

About: Everyone’s aware of Argos it’s a high street shop we take for granted. That’s not to say they do not sell MP3 players or even the best quality headphones you can get cos surprisingly they do. The range of portable audio stuff is quite impressive. The main MP3 players they stock are the cheaper Bush MP3 players in 3 memory sizes 4GB 8GB and 16GB these come in a variety of colours. Then we have the Sony Walkman NW range also in the 4GB to 16GB memory standard. Features vary on these though they do come in a variety of colours with touch screen for ease of function access. MP3 Sony Walkman memory can be increased via micro SD slot. All in all, a great choice of portable audio gear.

History Summary: Founded by Richard Tompkins of the old green shield stamps fame for those who can remember. He went on to create the Argos chain of catalogue shops in 1972 which grew into one of the biggest retailers in the UK. Most customers opt to shop online with Argos with delivery or the click and collect scheme. The traditional take home catalogue is becoming redundant so could possibly be phased out. It’s now owned by Home Retail Group who also have Sainsburys and Habitat in their collection of retail outlets. They used to own Homebase until they sold it off to an Australian retail group in 2016.

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Best Buys: Sony Walkman NWA35 16GB MP3 Player

  • Specific reviews for confirmed purchases
  • Check stock in your local store
  • Regular offers on Beats headphones audio players

4: Ebay

About: When all else fails and you cannot find the audio music player you want you can always try searching ebay for Audio music players. Ebay is an enormous marketplace with hundreds of MP3 players and headphones to choose from. There are different options for buying you can stick with an auction style and take a chance. If you have no patience go for a “buy it now” you’re sure to get it sooner. Which ever you opt for your sure to get a bargain.

History Summary: An American multi-national e-commerce website based in California that enables seller-to-buyer sales through its auction website. Ever since its inception in Pierre Omidyar’s lounge eBay as been a success story making Omidyar a billionaire by the age of 31 along with his business partner Jeff Skoll. They went on to buy Paypal in 2006 but have since parted ways.

Best Buys: Apple and Sony media players

  • Check feedback for the right seller
  • Buy it now or auction format
  • Hundreds of sellers to do business with Digital Audio Players

5: Toby Deals - No Longer Trading

About: Toby Deals promises low prices on an extensive range of electronic goods. They have a decent choice of portable audio devices with some high quality wired and wireless headphones. Specialising in shopper electronics such as wireless blue tooth speakers and headphone amplifiers as well as portable audio equipment accessories. We have not checked Toby Deals out so cannot vouch for the service they offer it would be a sound idea to look at some customer reviews before making a purchase. The deals are very good and a lot cheaper than eBay and Amazon. Items may be shipped from outside the UK. We would recommend paying with credit card for that extra cover.

History Summary: Finding information and history on Toby Deals is somewhat elusive online. It seems to be owned by Richmond Holding Group Inc who are registered in Beverly Hills California. Even though they have a registered address 303 Aarti Chambers in the Seychelles. Names associated with the company are Kris Aiken and David Maimon.

Best Buys: Sony Walkman MP3 and MP4 players

  • Best prices guaranteed on audio items
  • 100% brand new items shop with confidence
  • Useful best sellers segment
Listen to music with a quality player
Just imagine no music in life what an awful prospect, let’s not take it for granted. If you are gonna listen to some banging tunes use a quality MP3 players or home hub wireless speaker that will do your music justice. There’s a lot of choice around but you can narrow it down on the portable music player front. You have the classic Sony Walkman’s with the history behind them or you could opt for the Apple iPod. It does not end there the top-rated players for sound quality are not necessary the well-known brand names. You could go for the highly rated Cowon Plenue D music player or Astell and Kern ultima SP1000M music player a lot pricier but as they say you get what you pay for. Most people’s default for playing music is their phone. This will just not do if you’re an audiophile a supreme music lover a standalone MP3 player is the only option that makes sense.