Save money on household bills

Price comparing sites are typically the first place most customers visit online when trying to get a better deal on their utility bills. These websites compare energy, broadband right through to credit cards and insurance. They are not proving this service for nothing. Comparison sits will be earning money from advertising on their websites. Plus they may not be as independent as they claim. It’s possible they will direct you to a supplier that is paying them commission for signing you up to a service. Just get smart with these people and haggle and badger for better deals maybe just going direct to a utility supplier.

Get your energy bills cheaper

It might be cheaper to go direct

Use utility comparison websites to check out the different energy and household supplier services and deals. Then go direct to the provider and check if you can get a better deal with them.

Try comparing your home energy suppliers before going direct to providers cheaper home energy

1: Energy Helpline

About: With the price of household bills going up across the UK, we’ve listed Energy Helpline. They are dedicated to saving you money on domestic gas and electricity. By compare prices with the whole UK the energy market. Cutting the cost of your household bills is easier than you think and you could save hundreds of pounds every year. Energy Helpline have more deals with all the major suppliers. So customers looking to compare can be confident that by using their comparing service you will be offered the best energy tariffs. Keep warm and help the environment while also lowering your heating costs.

Best Deals: Gas and electricity cost comparison

  • No one compares more UK energy providers
  • Compare loads of deals and switch in minutes
  • The gas and electric energy switching website

2: Compare the Market

About: This is how you get your gas and electricity bills cheaper. By comparing all the deals your utility companies are offering. They don’t just compare energy deals. All your household bills can be slashed in price from your broadband right up to your digital TV subscriptions. Maybe one of best known comparison sites, for its adverts featuring the furry meerkat mascots. Not only will you get cheap household bills you could even qualify for free cinema tickets. Comparing the Market is one of the UK’s best known and loved utility comparison sites. Claimed to be independent and impartial with its price comparison on all home bills. Also helping householders save money paying your gas and electricity bills. Or even switching to a new mobile phone provider provider, digital TV and broadband package. save on bills

3: Money Super Market

About: MoneySuperMarket don’t just compare utilities like gas and electricity they compare everything from home insurance to broadband and credit cards. If you are going to compare energy suppliers and are not sure using a one fit all comparison website like MoneySuperMarket is the best option. It maybe best to use a comparison website that specifically compares energy suppliers. If you do decide to use them they have more than 50 energy providers they work with. These include all of the big energy brands to help you save on your gas and electric energy bills. Stay ahead of the energy bill increases by visiting their handy tips and tools section. So you never pay too much money for your energy again.

Best Deals: Comparisons for lots of products

  • Switching saves money on your household bills
  • It only takes minutes to compare energy costs
  • Loads of gas and electricity deals to compare
Use an Ofgem accredited comparison site

To switch your energy suppliers, you will need your postcode and recent gas or electric bill depending on what you want to switch. Most energy comparison websites will conduct the process online. Always use an accredited energy price comparison site that is regulated by Ofgem the energy regulator. Switching gas an electricity supply when you are in the debt with them can be a problematic. If you would like to find more information about switching your energy supplier from an independent source visit the Citizens Advice.