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This Great British retailer is loved by shoppers for its consistently low prices and wide range of discounted products. Home Bargains is famous for selling top branded stuff at rock bottom prices. Founded in 1976 Liverpool and now dominating the UK pound – discount shop retail stage.
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What Home Bargains Sell

The Home Bargains product range features a variety of items across all categories. These include everything from groceries, toiletries, toys, cleaning items, alcoholic drinks, frozen food, pet foods, and garden accessories. The items sold just go on and on. But one thing you can be sure of is you will not find cheaper prices at any discount or pound shop in the UK.

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A Little About

History of Home Bargains

Home bargains was founded by Thomas Joseph Morris in 1976 and financed using his bank overdraft. He was 21 and had just finished a degree in engineering when the first store opened in Old Swan, Liverpool. Hard work was instilled into Tom and his six brothers and sisters, coming from a family that for generations had been shopkeepers. His mum and dad ran a shop on Scotland Road Liverpool called V’s named after his mum Veronica. The originally shop was called “Home and Bargain” until 1995 when the name changed to Home Bargains.
Tom grew the business organically with no debt on its books. The business model has seen fantastic growth with well over 500 stores nationwide. They are now breaking into the London market which Home Bargains had resisted due to high costs. TJ Morris Ltd is the umbrella company that owns Home Bargains they also purchased the Quality Save chain of discount stores on 26 January 2023.
Tom Morris is not one to court the limelight and is notoriously publicity shy. He still owns a hefty percentage of the company up-to 89% with the rest of the shares believed to be in a family trust. It’s basically a family owned company and one of the biggest in the UK. Tom still lives in Liverpool, Albert Dock. His brothers and children are involved in the running of the controlling company trading as TJ Morris.
All the retail industry analyst experts can’t work out why Home Bargains are so successful. But Tom Morris has a very basic way of approaching retail. Keep overheads down, negotiate hard for stock and try and sell cheaper than the rest.

Questions Asked

Popular and best selling items at Home Bargains, here are 5 of the most sort after.
1: If you want your home smelling nice then grab a deal with a Wickford & Co Gingerbread candle.
2: If your kids into Barbie then you can’t go wrong with a wide selection on sale from dolls to mum and daughter hoodies.
3: The Venice Dining Sofa Set, not every store stocks them and they usually get snapped up quick because of the great price
4: Limited stock on the Eclat Skin London serums and moisturisers so get in there fast if there on sale. Don’t worry if not the luxury skincare products are great prices compared to other shops.
5: Cheap perfumes at Home Bargains have always been a favourite with their shoppers. The “comparison” replica fragrances get top marks in blind smelling tests. The Designer Tu Est Belle Body Mist is also a hit with shoppers.

Both of these discount stores people often get confused with each other and promise to sell the best bargains to shoppers. But who is the winner when it comes down to the overall cheapest. They play a tricky game of lowering prices to suit and it can be difficult to distinguish which shop really is cheaper. This is not scientific and prices between the two fluctuates but our winner is Home Bargains.
General opening times for Home Bargains, these vary from store to store Monday: 8am – 7pm Tuesday: 8am – 7pm Wednesday: 8am – 7pm Thursday: 8am – 7pm Friday: 8am – 7pm Saturday: 8am – 6pm Sunday: 10:30am – 4:30pm These are normal opening times for specific stores check here

These are premium products and customer favourites. Star Buys are specially discounted items that are allways in stock and usually located at the front of the store and end of aisles.

At the moment there is no click and collect service. 

The present slogan for Home Bargains is ‘Top Brands, Bottom Prices’.

There are over 550 Home Bargains stores in the United Kingdom, and plans to expand with the acquisition of the discount store Quality Save in 2023.