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Vitamins and supplements can assist with an healthy diet but real good food, you cannot substitute, eating better will make you feel good. We all know the steps to an healthy lifestyle, diet exercise stress avoidance all with a good balance.

Vitamins & Supplements

Taking vitamins and supplements should be based on your own nutritional individual needs. If possible, see a registered dietitian to discuss your personal health goals. Eating a healthy balanced diet should supply required nutrients.


A sedentary lifestyle can be worse than smoking for your health. Getting your body moving and stretching is vital to a healthy life. To get the best benefits from your exercise it will have to be in tandem with a complimentary diet.

Diet and Food

You all know the basics, drink plenty of water and eat well selecting minimal processed food and sugary drinks. Balance the energy you eat with the energy you use and eat a wide variety of foods. Your diet is a habit so get yourself into good habits.

Vitamins and Supplement Shops

The best shops for keeping you fit and healthy

Physical training equipment to help keep you fit and mobile after injury or just the effect of time and work on your body.

66fit Ltd the UK’s main supplier of fitness and rehabilitation equipment. Get back to full fitness shopping for sports, fitness and rehabilitation products. Exercise products to help your mobility and fitness. A well stocked arsenal of exercise equipment. Instructional videos and ebooks to use 66fit products

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Top 5 online shopping sites selling supplements and vitamins The Best Vitamin Range

1: Vitabiotics

About: One of the main manufacturer’s and sellers of vitamins and healthy living supplements. Vitabiotics have created some of the best-known vitamin brands in the shops. These include the Wellman and Wellwomen range. The science of supplements for healthy living is something the Vitabiotics company have immersed themselves in. The websites as tools so you can determine the best vitamins for your age and conditions.

History Summary: A British nutraceutical company with international manufacturing. They make vitamin and mineral based food supplements. Founded in 1971 by Dr Kartar Lalvani the company is now run by his son Tej Lalvani. Another prominent member of the Vitabiotics team who joined in the 90s was professor Arnold Beckett. Vitabiotics first product was Oralcer a licensed mouth ulcer treatment. They invested heavily into research creating brands like Menopace, Osteocare and Feroglobin B12 liquid. Further trusted brand names came along in the 2000s which included Wellman, Wellwoman, Visionace and Jointace. Over the years they have won many awards including the Queen’s Award for Innovation for its Perfectil beauty vitamins range.

Best Buys: Osteocare vitamin range

  • Vitamin teas for energy defence and cleanse
  • Health and wellness tools
  • Award winning Perfectil beauty vitamins UK Made Vitamins

2: Simply Supplements

About: Simply Supplements the place to buy high quality UK made vitamins and supplements also traditional herbal medicines from a top UK supplements shop. All their products are formulated by their own in-house nutritionists using only the best ingredients available, and all manufactured to GMP standards for customer satisfaction. A premium range of nutritional supplements with over 200 designed products for many health benefits and needs, from Omega 3 fish oils for all the family and Glucosamine combinations, Co-Enzyme Q10, Plant Sterols and Marine Collagen.

History Summary: Pinnacle Health Limited trading as Simply Supplements established in Guernsey in 2004 is a UK based seller of vitamins and nutritional supplements. They sell vitamins and health supplements by mail order. The real owners of which remain unnamed behind a Jersey trust. They strive to deliver customers good quality health and wellness vitamins products . Focusing on value for money and honest customer care, making healthy living easier.

Best Buys: Triple strength Omega 3 fish oils

  • Supplements voucher and discount codes
  • Price match 10% off if cheaper elsewhere
  • Refer a friend for 20% off your order Minerals, Vitamins, Probiotics & Omegas

3: Higher Nature

About: Higher Nature provides high quality well researched vitamins and nutritional products. Their name is well respected in the health supplement industry. They sell through the website online and via mail order catalogue. Higher Nature vitamin catalogues can be requested for postal to your address. You can buy an extensive range of nutritional goods from natural vitamins, minerals, omega supplements, to pro biotics and multivitamins.

History Summary: Founded in 1994 by husband and wife team Brian and Celia Wright. Who were pioneers in the health nutritional supplement industry. In mid 2018 Higher Nature was acquired by Health Made Easy the same company owns Tree of Life. The aim of the company is to help people maintain optimum health. Higher Nature are an excellent and highly ethical and clean business. Vitamins and supplements have therapeutic levels of active ingredients which are developed by nutritionists. Ingredients are ethically sourced with full traceability.

Best Buys: Advanced Nutrition Complex multivitamins

  • Ethically sourced fully traceability ingredients
  • Therapeutic doses established by nutritionists
  • Most supplements are vegetarian and vegan cheap supplements

4: Discount Supplements

About: Discount Supplements online seller of sports nutrition and bodybuilding supplements. Plus, a full range of vitamins and minerals. Their main focus is in the sale of cheap nutrition for building muscle and maintaining fitness. With some of the best prices online for all the major whey brands and muscle foods like Maxi muscle, Reflex, Muscle Asylum, MetRX. Also, they sell an extensive range of health and sports equipment products including accessories, clothing, oils and skin care.

History Summary: Established by Stuart Harris and Neil Barker in 2005 A1 Sports Ltd trades online at Retailing health and fitness nutritional products. US company GNC Holdings acquired Discount Supplements in October 2013. GNC is a global specialist retailer of health products and trades on the New York Stock Exchange.

Best Buys: Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey

  • Supplement buying guide to best suit you
  • Pre and post sports workout supplements
  • BOGOF deals on whey / creatine / protein tailored nutrition

5: Muscle Food

About: Muscle food company supplying the finest lean meats, balanced ready meals and sports nutrition. Delivering healthy food for all lifestyle choices. They are the fastest expanding healthy food selling company. Get the diet that suits your body aims if its losing weight or building muscle tone. Your food intake will dictate the results. Muscle food can deliver the healthy food and nutrients to customers. The food plans consist of a complete daily and weekly healthy meals sourced from the best meat and nutrient suppliers.

History Summary: Entrepreneur Darren Beale established Muscle Food in 2013. He started it has a family run business employing his parents Leonard and Margaret Beale. It was initially aimed at the body building community and gyms. With this success in the bag they expanded into the domestic customer market across the UK and Europe. One of the reasons for the success was the sourcing of quality meat products. The business is based in the UK at Basford, Nottingham.

Muscle food delivery

Best Buys: Premium meats and healthy ready meals

  • Choose a diet tailored to your fitness goals
  • Shop regular and earn loyalty points
  • Easy cook healthy curry meal kits
Diet and Vitamins

If your diet is not meeting your nutrient needs then many nutritionists will approve vitamins or supplements. In the long term a healthy food-based diet can not be substituted. A healthy balanced diet supplies all the vitamins and minerals you need to maintain or improve overall health.
Body building or sports nutrition is a different ball game. When putting your body under sports strain or bodybuilding for muscle mass. Protein is an important portion of our diet and vital for building and maintaining all body tissue, including muscle mass. You can get all the protein you need from your diet but it can also come from supplements. Protein whey powders offered as shakes protein bars are one of the common muscle-building supplements. Get yourself over to Sports Direct and kitted out in the right clothing when you start a fitness plan.