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An online specialist in gaming, selling consoles, games and all the accessories needed to disappear into an alternative gaming world. GAME.co.uk is one of the best if not the best UK gaming store online. They retail the latest games at the most competitive prices on the internet along with the must have consoles like PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo.
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What Game.co.uk sell

Game sell everything you would expect from a top gaming website and they offer that little bit more than the others. You can navigate the four main categories of Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC Gaming. These also breakdown into games, consoles, accessories and game passes. A dedicated deal section can also be found under each console type. The accessory range for gamings is growing daily and if you take your gaming serious you’ll want the latest peripherals. Game.co.uk stock the lot for beginners to the pros. Buy the best gaming chairs and headsets along with ergonomic controllers. The list goes on from charging station and gaming mouse. Want to trade in your old games along with tablets and mobile phones saving you money off your purchases. Well you can check out Games trade in service.
A Little About Game

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A Little About Game.co.uk

The History of Game

The company that would eventually become Game was originally founded in 1991 by Beverley Ripley and Terry Norris. It started out under the name the Rhino Group the stores were branded as Future Zone. They went through many acquisitions and mergers the first in 1995 when rival Electronics Boutique Limited bought a stake in the Rhino Group. The name was changed to Electronics Boutique before they bought out a smaller chain in 1999 called Game. This was founded by Neil Taylor and Peter Wickens. In 2002 it rebranded again to The Game Group more suited to the growing entertainment video game and console market. They have had some financial issues over the years. In 2012 some suppliers like Nintendo and Capcom refused to supply them goods because of worries about credit worthiness. They went into administration and were bought by OpCapita and rebranded again to renamed Game Retail Ltd. Since purchasing Gamestation in 2007 they operated in the UK under the names Game and Gamestation brands until 2012 when they were called solely Game. Recently 2019 they were bought again this time by Mike Ashleys Sports Direct for £52 million. They are a company that just drives on and refuses to go away. Their standing in the video gaming world by gamers that is not too favourable.

Questions Asked

Game do sell a wide choice of pre owned games and consoles which are fully tested and have 12 months guarantees.

They do sell gaming merchandise and collectable items from the best and favourite games like Fortnite and Call of Duty. Plus a plethora of gifts and collectables from TV shows and films.

Game have a list of the anticipated video games due out for all consoles. These are all available for pre ordering.

The Game website has a dedicated deals section where you will find great bargains on gaming bundles and clearance items plus console accessories offers.

They are the main gaming retailer on the UK high street with more than 300 Game shops. Retailing games, consoles and gaming lifestyle goods.

Gaming Trends

A short history of gaming

The UK gaming market is the biggest in Europe and the 6th biggest in the world, with an estimated half of the UK playing video games at some point. Gaming is huge worldwide with the average age of the gamer around 39 years and playing about 8 ours a week. But where did it all start?
The pinnacle of human evolution can be placed around 1972 with the release of Pong by Atari. The earliest known arcade video game known to man. This game of tennis skill was played with basic two dimension graphics and all praise to creator and master game making wizard Allan Alcorn. Atari later came out with another fantastic video game trend setter with Asteroids. Shoot and explode the the incoming asteroids and the occasionally alien spaceship.
By 1978 we were defending the earth from lines alien invaders shooting them with a laser before they reached earth. This came in the form of Space Invaders by the Japanese video game company Taito developed by Tomohiro Nishikado. A fantastic famous retro game that is still popular today with gamers. The format proved so marketable that it’s been used to make loads more shoot em up games.

Gaming in the 1980's

Since the 1980s, video gaming has become a popular form of entertainment and a part of modern popular culture in most parts of the world. One of the early games was Spacewar!, which was developed by computer scientists. Early arcade video games developed from 1972 to 1978. The 80’s was the time when video games really took off and every kid wanted a Nintendo or Sega games console for Christmas.
One of the original arcade games was Pac Man it was released in the early 1980’s by Namco. This was a great age for games with the release of our favourite Italian plumber Super Mario and the legendary game that is Final Fantasy was born. I do not have the time to list the iconic video games through the decades I am trying to fight the criminal underworld in Grand Theft Auto.