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The fun side of gambling should still be played with caution lotteries and bingo style games are easy to play. This can be exacerbate with the accessibility given by mobile devices and gambling apps. That said there’s a world of gaming entertainment to be enjoyed and money to be won for the lucky few at slots, bingo and lotto draws.

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The best UK Lottery and Bingo sites on the internet

Lotto Social

This lotto allows you to join lottery syndicates if you have no friends or workmates to create one, purchase tickets in existing syndicates to increase your chance of winning.

  •  They cover all the big lottos especially the Euro Millions.
  •  The chances of a syndicate winning jackpots is 1 in 5.
  •  Reviews are not the best and negative about customer service.

Lotto Social big jackpot

The best bingo and lottery websites
wink bingo
Wink Bingo playing website
mecca bingo
Mecca Bingo hall online
The Health Lottery
The Health Lottery
peoples postcode lottery
The Peoples Postcode Lottery
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The big UK lottery

The UK'S Top 5 Bingo and Lotteries Websites Online

1: National Lottery

About: There are many variations of lotto games that have been created to get your interest. You have the standard lotto draw twice a week on a Saturday and Wednesday with tickets priced at £2 for a chance of winning. Then we have the big money lottery the Euro millions a joint enterprise with other EU lotteries. Surprisingly this has the best odds of winning a huge jackpot payout although still very slim. Set For Life is another game where you can win a set amount of money every month for the next 30 years. They also run various scratchcards and instant win games with themes like Monopoly and Jewel Bingo. Increase your odds by joining a lucky lotto syndicate

History Summary: Launched in 1994 it was the first and is now the most popular lotto in the country. The EuroMillions international lottery followed in February 2004 with the first draw held in Paris. The National Lottery was established by John Major’s Conservative government and put up for franchised. Camelot beat of the competition to become the operator. The Camelot Group was formed to bid for the lottery franchise and won despite a strong challenge from the chancer Richard Branson.
The consortium that runs Camelot comes from various expert sectors like Cadbury Schweppes who bring marketing skills. Racal who deal with the communications network plus International Computers Limited. Ownership of the National Lottery has been a contentious issue. The current operator Camelot was sold to the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan in March 2010 for £389 million. Best Odds: Get A Euro Millions Ticket Strong Points: GameStore section for instant win games – Open a lottery account for ease of access.

2: People's Postcode Lottery

About: This lottery is a little different from other lotteries its a subscription based lotto. At the moment priced at £10 per month. Subscriptions can be increased to £20 or £30 per month this means you would claim double or treble the monthly prize depending on how many tickets you have in the draw. The easiest way to join the Postcode Lottery is to sign up online at their website Prizes are disclosed daily with a big £3 million prize shared out to winners monthly. The percentage of funds that goes to charity from ticket sales is 32%, details about the charities funded can be found on their website.

History Summary: The People’s Postcode Lottery was initiated in the UK by a Dutch company Novamedia BV. Who run lotteries in seven European countries starting in 1989. The Novamedia company was set up by Dutch husband and wife team Boudewijn Poelmann and Annemiek Hoogenboom. It was initially launched in 2005 in the north of England as pilot scheme. Later branching out into Wales and Scotland in 2010 and 2007 respectively. They have a number of celebrity ambassadors including Brian Blessed, David Attenborough and Dame Judi Dench. They also had some input and financed the gameshow Deal or No Deal hosted by the man with the beard Noel Edmonds. Postcode Lottery odds are not disclosed Strong Points: Easy sign up from £10 per month – Daily postcodes draws of £1000

3: The Health Lottery

About: It’s made up of twelve local lottery society regions throughout the UK each one licensed by the Gambling Commission. They have five draws weekly with each lottery society taking a turn to secure the proceeds for their own causes. The funds of lottery ticket sales go towards running costs, prize funds, profit and around 20% donated to local health related charities and causes. Pick your 5 numbers from 1 to 50 and if you match a minimum of two numbers and the bonus ball you’re a money prize winner. Prizes are rubbish compared to the National lottery and the best odds of winning is with the Euro millions. You will also be placed in the quarter of a million pound monthly raffle on the first day of the month.

History Summary: The Health Lottery goes further back than the National Lotto in a previous form it was called the National Health Service Lottery. Which failed to launch in 1988 because of irregularities. The remnants of it were bought in 2007 by the Altala Group owned by Ian Milligan. Again in 2009 it ran into trouble and went into administration just before it was scheduled to get its gambling license. It was then purchased by the Health Lottery Ltd and when it won its gaming license was sold on to Richard Desmond who ran Northern and Shell. The first draw took place in October 2011 an is still run by the Northern and Shell Group. Best Buys: Monthly £25,000 mega raffle – Offers for new Health Lottery players – Read about previuos lottery winners – Big Money win Scratch Cards.

Internet Bingo

Bingo as always been a fun social event and not traditionally one of the danger gambling games. Although in times gone by a bingo hall full of cigarette smoke was not too good for the lungs. The groups of ladies with half a lager prying at each other over their bingo cards is now history. Bingo is now well and truly in the modern internet age with online bingo facing the same growth as the early days of the bingo hall boom.

4: Wink Bingo

About: If you like playing bingo then pop over to Wink Bingo. It as a playful retro look but with a creative mix of highly rated bingo games, slots and instant win jackpots. The introduction offers to new bingo players is unrivalled and updated constantly. Thats just the start of the bonuses and prize giveaways there’s always fantastic jackpots on the cards for loyal “house” callers. There is an extensive choice of games to play besides the traditional bingo. They also offer daily freebies and free slot spins. Not to be sniffed at is the Wink Rewards where you can turn your bingo playing into rewards you can spend at the Wink bingo shop.

History Summary: Launched in 2008 under the leadership of Eitan Boyd Wink Bingo went on to rapid success. Growing over 60,000 bingo players in its first 2 years. This got the notice of the big bingo boys and in 2009 the 888 online gaming company bought Wink Bingo. The price was up to £60 million with £11 million up front and the rest related to profits. The Wink bingo site as not stood still on its initial success and continues to innovate and freshen up the website theme. With comic and fruity updates in 2014, 2016 and 2018. They are registered and based in Gibraltar. Best Advice: Bingo odds strategy guides Strong Points: The best bingo promotions for newbies – Daily guaranteed big bingo jackpots – Collect Wink Rewards to spend in Wink’s Shop.

5: Mecca Bingo

About: the safe and trusted name in online bingo, Mecca is the place for the best bingo games on the web. Mecca Bingo is one of the big names in bingo on the internet. They also have physical bingo halls for that added social aspect, getting you out of the house. Like all gambling and bingo websites they offer good bonuses for new members. All the classic games are covered 75, 80 and 90 bingo ball games. In addition to the great bingo club classics they also have exclusive themed bingo rooms and cash prize games. These consist of games like Linka Balls and Burst bingo. Not only get involved with the bingo fun and excitement the social aspect is great. With the friendly chat rooms creating a community based feel.

History Summary: Mecca Bingo is a UK company with a long and vibrant past in the bingo business. Going back to 1961 when it was established out of Mecca dance halls. Eric Douglas Morley was the driving force behind the rise of Mecca bingo clubs. He was also the father of the Miss World pageant and the Come Dancing TV show. As well as their online bingo websites they run 86 bingo hall clubs in towns and cities throughout the UK. The Mecca brand is owned by The Rank Group who also have interests in casinos and cinema and film. Best Odds: Best Odds Bingo – BOB Strong Points: Big stake serious slot jackpot prizes – Also the best virtual slot machines online – Chat rooms that make you feel welcome.

Lotto info

Lottery Facts and Trivia

Maybe not surprisingly the number 13 is the unluckiest number in UK national lottery draw history, being drawn least of all numbers. The ball that’s been drawn the most is 38, so there you have a tactical start for choosing your lotto numbers.
Could you imagine buying a ticket and forgetting to check the draw numbers, well there was an unclaimed prize on the Euro Millions in 2012. The jackpot ticket was purchased in Stevenage and Hitchen area of the UK. It was for a whopping £63,837,543.60 and remains the highest lottery prize unclaimed in the world.
The luckiest places to live in the UK for lottery winners is Birmingham with Glasgow Belfast and Newcastle coming up a close seconds.
If you are exchanging money to buy a lottery ticket or bingo card then it is a form of gambling. The lottery involves drawing random numbers for cash prizes that participants have paid to enter. The UK lottery is a Government organised lottery where 12p in the £ goes to the government in the form of tax some describe this as a stealth tax. It is also contentious where the lottery funds are donated some say it’s partly used to bridge gaps in public spending purse. Spending money on bingo’s and lotteries is gambling.