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One of the best online bingo clubs, Gala is probably the most popular bingo website on the internet. There is more than 20 bingo rooms provided so you will be sure to find the right bingo spot that fits your house calling needs. Games comprise of 90 through to 40 ball bingo with themes covering the UK soaps and TV gameshows amongst others. If you get fed up with the bingo you’ve got other options like a fantastic choice of slots and additional gambling games. Assuming you love having bingo fun you will find Gala Bingo a great place. Whether it’s online or down at one of the many local bingo halls across the country.
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Gala Bingo promos and bonuses

The online gaming industry are desperate to get your hard earned gambling pound notes. Gala are no exception and the incentives to sign you up and get you playing are competitive and generous. If you use your free slot spins and bingo bonuses the right way they could pay off. Once you have joined the Gala Bingo club online you will receive a welcome bonus at the moment this is £30 when you spend £10 on the bingo. Welcome bonuses are always being updated so you could receive a bigger welcome sweetener. You do not have to dive straight in get your wings at the free bingo session. In these free bingo rooms just to tip your toe in the water you could also win cash prizes. The more loyal a customer you are the higher the cash will be in the free rooms. If its slots and games you like Gala slots have a range of promo offers to get you playing like free spins and guaranteed wins.
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A Little About

History of Gala Bingo

Originally established in 1926 by Bass Leisure which was a division of the Bass Brewery company who created the iconic Bass Pale Ale brand. Over the many decades since its inception there have been many acquisitions and buyouts. It’s now under the ownership of GVC Holdings who are an online gambling operator. They run a portfolio of gambling brands which include Ladbrokes, Foxy Bingo and CasinoClub among others. If you want to now about the nitty gritty of the bingo clubs acquired by Gala over the years visit wiki for more info.

Questions Asked

There is a choice of deposit payment methods to fund your bingo cravings. The most popular are debit cards and credit cards other methods are PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Eco and Paysafecard. Whichever you choose make sure its in your name and do not gamble what you cannot afford.

Withdrawals with debit or credit cards up to 5 working days. They do have instant withdrawal to e-wallets.

If your not enjoying it and the fun is not there stop. This probably means your playing due to habit or addiction.

Gala bingo has a help section on the site for the most frequent problems you may encounter. If you can’t find the answer there contact them through their live chat, or by phone or email.

Bingo Halls

A Short History of Bingo

The game can be traced back to 16th century Italy where a similar game to present day bingo was played. It caught on quickly with the upper class French but was slow taking off in the UK it only took us until the 1960s before we started taking it serious. A change in the UK’s gaming laws paved the way for old play theatres to be transformed into bingo halls. Purpose built bingo clubs followed providing a place to socialise and even have half a lager while relaxing. There was also the possibility of winning a line or four corners if not even a full house. If this was the case you would have to yell out “house” or “bingo”.

The USA bingo pioneers

Millions of people play bingo in the UK alone with internet the best bingo websites going through a phenomenal rise. The game in its style we play and love today came from the USA. A chap called Hugh Ward travelled the American county fairs and carnivals with a version of the game. It drew enthusiastic crowds and was very popular. This caught the notice of another entrepreneurial fella Edwin Lowe. Lowe was a polish immigrant who not only made bingo cards but also bought the rights and developed the game Yahtzee. He hired Carl Leffler a math professor to help him develop the formulations. They made bingo history by creating the version that is now played worldwide. All the fun you should expect from a game of bingo, the call of two fat ladies 88 is beckoning you to play.