About The Football Pools

The Football Pools is not run in the Vernon name anymore. Major pool companies back in the day were Littlewoods, Vernons and Zetters. They all combined between 2000 and 2007 after being purchased by Sportech. It is now owned by OpCapita but still based in Liverpool where the football pools as a long heritage. Although Vernons Pools is no longer, you can still play the pools we recommend a visit to www.footballpools.com instead.
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Vernons have now integrated into The Football Pools

How to play the football pools

A football pools coupon is essentially a football match betting accumulator. The aim for the classic game is to choose 8 football fixtures that will produce score draws and ideally a maximum of 24 points, happy days. If it turns out the score draws that week are less than 24 points the top prize maybe allotted to coupons with fewer points. Football coupons would have the fixture lists with the teams due to play that weekend. You would pick eight fixtures that you think would end in a score draw. For every score draw you would get three points, but if they ended in a no score draw you would get two points home or away wins you get 1 point.
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The National Lottery

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About The Football Pools

History of Vernons Pools

The football pools was conceived by John Jervis Barnard of Birmingham and popularised by John Moores. In the 1920’s with two friends, Colin Askham and Bill Hughes, they tried to market it outside Old Trafford, Manchester United’s football ground. Instant success did not come but perseverance payed off for John Moores. He bought the other partners out after they became disillusioned with the venture. Littlewoods Pools went on to make John Moores a millionaire. He went on to established the Littlewoods mail order catalogue empire after the pools success.
Littlewoods remained the pools top dog but competitors soon noticed the success and started their own coupons. Namely Vernons and Zetters,
Vernons was established in 1925 in Liverpool and Zetters was London based. Before the National Lottery the only way to win a massive windfall was the football pools. Pick your matches that will hopefully be score draws. Then wait for the results no need to pay the pools man at the door or fill in coupons its done online dead easy or download the Football Pools app.

The Lottery

With the arrival of the National Lottery in 1994 the gateway to winning a life changing sum of money was blown wide open. This signalled the end of the popular football pools route to a jackpot. Now the public could win big by choosing six numbers rather than rely on a football match result. If the lotto didn’t finish it off completely the rise of online gambling was the last straw for pushing the football pools out of mainstream betting.
Following the wane in popularity the National Lottery brought about. The three main pools companies were purchased by Sportech. Vernons pools, Littlewoods and Zetters were brought under the guidance of one company brand “The Football Pools” it was known as the new football pools. It was for small stakes and high prizes and incorporated other exciting games. The Football Pools also run the very popular “Spot The Ball” competition. This is where you try and guess the ball position that’s been removed from a football action photo. X marks the spot, the nearest cross to the ball wins. The new pools venture was launched online at www.footballpools.com in the summer of 2008.
In 2017 Sportech announced it would be selling the historic football pools business to FP Acquisitions. A company controlled by OpCapita, a private equity outfit. The sale was estimated to be for around £83 million. New UK gaming licences were granted to FP Acquisitions Limited. The Football Pools is still hanging in there and can be played online or by the app.

Questions Asked

The pools top prize is £3 million and a myriad of variable cash prizes in-between.

No football knowledge is needed just make 8 football game selections that you think will be score draws, this is for the classic game. A score draw gives 3 points and a nil nil draw gives 2 points home-away wins are given 1 point.

Just check the football results against your choices, your looking to match 8 score draws.

There is no harebrained system to winning the football pools. Its basically a game of chance but an interesting one if you have football knowledge, theres always one that lets you down!

Yes they offer a daily spot the ball game that can be played with even greater precision using a mouse and magnifier for more detail ball placing.

The reported first winnings on the pools was a very grand £2.60.

Yes you can still play the classic Football Pools and a range of similar football pool games. It declined in popularity in 1994 after the launch of the National Lottery.

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