About Edworthys Car Accessories

This online store is now closed all information is for historic archive purposes. A similar retailer has been listed (Euro Car Parts) for the visitor looking to buy items for their vehicle. When they were trading they sold performance parts for cars plus accessories. These comprised of car audio, body kits, interior and external styling accessories, alloy wheels, and much more. Whatever you needed for your car in over 20 categories they could supply. The company website is now parked and not being used Edworthys.co.uk. The link below will send you to Euro Car Parts.

What Edworthys Sold

Edworthy’s stated they were a one stop shop for car accessories and performance parts this included car detailing kits. They sold all the big brand name parts and aftermarket parts. The range of auto parts, accessories and services covered all aspects of the motor vehicle. Electronic devices for cars spanned navigation satnavs and parking sensors to radar detectors. Also sold was hands free car kits which has been surpassed by better technology, we just answer the phone through our car radio now. For the auto enthusiasts Edworthys made it easy body styling your car or pimping your ride with a great choice of car styling products. Alloy wheels was a big seller with a wide range of manufacturers offered. This is not a definitive list of the stock they sold but gives an idea of the sales catalogue.

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A Little About

History of Edworthys Car Parts

In the beginning they started out as a mobile fitting service in the early 1980s progressing to be one of the top ten top ten car accessories dealerships in the UK. Once based on Gatehouse Way, Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. They also had a network of installers nationwide in the UK. Edworthys also sold and offered a fitting service on a wide collection of top brand in car audio, navigation and audio-visual radios. Plus vehicle security and alarm systems.

Questions Asked

Edworthys have now ceased trading.

Buying car parts online

Buying the right car accessories and auto parts

You will find great deals on the internet for car parts and accessories but you will have to double check you are buying the right part for your vehicle. It will be incredible disappointing and time wasting to have the wrong part arrive in the post. Search by part number and vehicle REG if possible also visible match your part with images displayed. There will be technical difference between car models the official car dealership will be able to provide original part number.
Another thing to take into account when ordering car parts, especially in the UK is the driver’s side and the passenger side of a vehicle. The driver’s side is described as the offside (O/S) this side is furthest away from the kerb or the right side of your car if standing behind it. The nearside (N/S) is the passenger side and is nearest to the kerb. Here is the AA advice on diy mechanical jobs suitable for the person who wants to try their own car service click here.