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The now merged Dixons Retail was one of the biggest sellers of consumer electronics in the UK and Europe. They were previously called the Dixons Group plc, specialising in selling consumer technology and electronics products. The stock range covered audio video gear, PCs, kitchen domestic appliances, camera equipment but did not stop there. They also sold associated financial and after sales services like extended warranties, service agreements, installation and repair plans. The website DixonsRetail.com will redirect to Dixons Carphone site DixonsCarphone.com.
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Originally founded as a photographic studio and camera sales but went on to develop into selling consumer electronics for the home. The product range covered for home entertainment included flat-screen TVs, video game consoles, video games, remote control cars, MP3 players, digital cameras the list goes on commonly known as brown goods. They also sold items to make hard work in the home easier with a great choice in domestic appliances also known as white goods. Such as refrigerators, washing machines, clothes dryers and cookers. It also sold related products and services like extended service warranties and spare parts. Dixons also acquired electronic brands and created their own branded electronic products these included Saisho which was introduced in 1982.
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History of Dixons

In the early years Dixons started out as a photographic studio in Southend on the south coast of the UK. It was a partnership between by Michael Mindel and Charles Kalms established in 1937. The business quickly expanded opening seven photographic studios with the demand for portrait photography growing. During the war years this contracted and by the end of the war was back to one studio in Edgware London.
In the 1950’s Charles Kalms son Stanley who had joined the business in 1948, convinced his father to start selling cameras and accessories. This was the true beginning of Dixons electrical sales. Over the years Dixons has been very active in buying out many competitors and expanding into Europe.
They started by acquiring two of their competition in the 60s, Ascotts and Bennetts. Dixons continued the takeovers and buyout though the 70s when they bought Wallace Heaton. A major acquisition in 1993 was when they bought the Vision Technology Group (VTG) who traded under the brand PC World. At the time of buying PC World there was only four PC World Superstores this began to grow enormously. With the internet age PC World also made great profits on the sale of printer consumables like toners, inks and ribbons.
The biggest merger of Dixons history came in August 2014. This is when Carphone Warehouse and Dixons agreed a £3.8 billion “merger of equals” to form an electrical retail giant selling mobile phones to washing machines, and offering service and support together with a host of gadgets.
Dixons Carphone plc was born the new enterprise was an incorporation of the names Dixons and Carphone, and brings the well-known names of Currys, PC World and Carphone Warehouse under one business.

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The electrical store is still trading but not in the Dixon branding, after a merger it sells electronics under the brands Currys PC World.

Dixons merged with Carphone Warehouse to create Dixons Carphone plc an electrical and mobile phone retailer.

An airport electrical shop Dixons Travel sells the latest technology, professing to beat online prices. Purchase the top tech brand gadgets on the go like mobile phones, Apple goods, smart devices and headphones.

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Dixons one of the most famous electrical retail names as disappeared of the high street. The business that was built up from a photographic studio in Southend by Charles Kalms and Michael Mindel is now branded as Currys. What thought was put into the process of choosing which name to go forward with on the high street. As far a brand names go like Maplin electronics, Dixon’s reputation and standing amongst UK shoppers was very high and will be missed. Get some shopping tips to save money whilst searching for bargains online.