The Best Shop Credit Cards

Supermarkets are now taking on the high street banks to provide their loyal shoppers with credit cards. If you are looking to apply for a new credit card or want a balance transfer your favourite supermarket may have an offer to suit your spending needs. These supermarkets take vast amounts of shopping money weekly so why not get some back with the cashback credit cards they offer.


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Supermarket Credit Cards

Top 5 well known high street shop credit card providers in the UK

Asda Cash back Credit Card

1: Asda Credit Cards

About: Asda now provide a whole host of financial services from exchanging travel money to a range of insurance covers and personal loans. The one that is catching the attention of shoppers is the Asda credit card which offers cash back when you shop. You even get cashback when you do shopping at other places to. Balance transfers are available and can be calculated on the Asda finance website. This is a really popular card; it will encourage you to do shopping at Asda but you do have the choice to get a lower rate cashback at other shops.

Other Benefits: We all know Asda is one of the UK’s biggest supermarket chains and millions shop there every week. Now if you are one of the regular shoppers at Asda it could be worth your while applying for the Asda credit card. You will receive 1% of what you spend back in unlimited cashback vouchers this is when you shop in-store or online. Not only that this goes for Asda petrol stations also. It doesn’t end there on selected Asda insurance products you also receive 10% cashback. I hear you say “but I don’t shop at Asda much?” well the cashback offer extends to all your spending in other shops, though at a reduced rate of 0.2%.

asda shop
Asda Credit Cards

Best Bits: 1% cash back on Asda shopping

  • Turn shopping into cashback vouchers
  • Voted 2017 Best Credit Card Product
A choice of introductory offers


About: Many people don’t realise Marks and Spencer’s offer financial services like credit cards. M&S cards are contactless and can be used anywhere you see the MasterCard logo. They also proclaim to have a card that suits every shopper’s needs with great benefits. M&S Bank’s most popular products are a variety of credit cards including 0% purchase and 0% balance transfer cards. You can have an added person as a cardholder as long as they are over 18 years of age. Get the same care you would get from the counter at your local Marks and Spencer supermarket.

History Summary: Why is it everyone and their mam getting in on the act of financial services? I’ll tell you why there’s money in it. They are not a broker M&S Bank are a little different they have some sort of joint venture arrangement with the HSBC Group to provide their banking services. Although M and S Bank do have their own banking licence and its own Board. In some capacity M&S have been in the financial services business since 1985 when they launched the M&S Charge card.

Best Bits: Contactless cards

  • Friendlier banking staff just like at m&s
  • Get M and S points each time you shop
Credit cards to suit your needs

3: Tesco Bank Credit Card

About: View and compare the range of credit card offers from Tesco Bank. Tesco cards use the Mastercard system, so they’re recognised just about everywhere that you see the Mastercard logo for credit card payments. They have better card choices than the other high street supermarkets offering similar credit cards. So, you will find the right card for your spending habits. Your Tesco credit card will also work as a club card points collector.

A bit more About: The amount of supermarket credit cards has shot up in recent years and Tesco are also in on the act. If you do get a Tesco card, you’ll have Clubcard points coming out your ears. Tesco Bank have created card options for all their customer spending needs. If your looking to transfer a balance and earn rewards or save money while shopping they will have a card that suits. You may just want to build your credit rating if so, you will find a card that meets your specific needs.

Best For: Regular Tesco Shoppers

  • More choice than other supermarkets cards
  • Collect Tesco Clubcard points as you shop
  • UK customer service open 24 hours 7 days
Capital One, the lender and issuer of Post Office Credit Cards

4: Post Office Credit Card

About: The good old Post Office a place we could all rely on and trust to provide essential services. It has changed a lot from years gone by now offering everything from insurance to travel money and mortgages. They have three basic types of credit cards Matched the Balance Transfer Cards and Platinum card. Checking to see if you are eligible will not affect your credit rating score. You can apply on the internet at the Post Office website and it takes no time at all with an almost instant decision. What you waiting for, come get yourself into debt.

A Bit More About: They are a relative newcomer in the credit card supply market. The Bank of Ireland UK is the provider of credit cards advertised by the Post Office. Because they a credit broker not a lender. This goes for a lot of their services including insurance. The Post Office® is an independent financial services business separated from Royal Mail in serving the UK population. They used to be part of the fabric of our society and a trustworthy alternative to the high street banks. It is still owned by the government but franchised to big companies like W H Smith.

Best Buys: Choice of cards to choose from

  • Manage account with App on tablet or phone
  • Platinum Card fit for overseas purchases
Capital One a card to build your credit rating

5: Capital One

About: Capital One have a reputation for accepting applications from customers who have no chance of getting a credit card from the other providers. They are known for helping people with bad credit histories. A couple of points that will have a negative effect on your applications is if you have never had credit before. A bit of bad credit is probably better than no credit record at all. Also, if you have been declared bankrupt in the previous couple of years its likely to be harmful to your route to a Capital One credit card.

History Summary: The credit card for the working classes first appeared in 1996 and as gone on to be a badge of bad credit honour. All jokes aside they have won many accolades for assisting people with a bad credit history get straightened out. The company was founded (1988) in the United States by Richard Fairbank and Nigel Morris. It is a financial services company that operates mainly in the USA, UK and Canada.

Best Bits: Gets you back in credit

  • Quick application eligibility process check
  • Turn bad credit good with Capital One
More info on credit

Credit Cards Offered by Your Supermarket

Our aim is to provide a directory of UK supermarket credit cards so you can compare cards and find the best credit cards available. If you do have a bad credit history don’t let that stop you apply online now you have nothing to lose. Most providers offer application processes that will not impact on your credit rating. Supermarkets like Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s not to forget M&S Bank – have all got on the finance band wagon. Targeting their loyal customer shopping base with a variety of financial services. These cover products like credit cards, loans and insurance not just food and groceries.

See your credit score before applying

If you are having a problem getting accepted for a credit card, you might have a bad credit score, or do you think you have been blacklisted?
You may have a bad credit history but being blacklisted is something that does not exist. Blacklisting is real but only in terms of degrees of your credit worthiness.
Credit agencies like Experian have your credit history and only show factual data about people. This information is mostly provided by lenders you have had financial dealings with in the past. It basically shows who’s a good payer and who’s a bad payer. This is all credit data and not personal opinion. Credit scores which are what they build creditworthiness on are calculated using this data.
If you have been refused credit its a good idea to investigate your credit report. This is easily done by using a CreditExpert monitoring service like Experian credit report.
Obtaining a copy of your credit history in a report format is a wise idea before you make a credit card application. A credit report will include all the financial information that a credit reference company will be suppling about you to lenders.
Do not blindly keep making repeated applications for credit if you have been declined. These will be registered and could make your credit score worse.
To get the ball rolling and view your personal credit report apply to view your credit report with Experian. See what lenders are establishing their lending decisions on by using a credit reference agency.
Need help with paying off a credit card because of debt problems visit the Step Change charity for assistance.