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Ever wondered what financial information is being kept on file about you. Well, stop wandering and get your personal credit report from Experian. Find out what is holding you back from getting a mortgage or credit card. See what nasty debts or court judgements you may not even be aware of are on file about you. Cleaning up your credit history is easier than you may think once you start the financial clean up process.
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Experian is a world leader in credit reporting for the consumer and business customers. Their credit scoring reports go from 0 to 999, your personal score will be based on data gathered about your financial history during an Experian credit report. Factors that can have a negative effect on your credit rating are. The amounts of times you apply for credit whether you make your repayments on time and how much money you owe. Is that catalogue you bumped in the 1990’s stopping you getting credit. Maybe the parking ticket you forgot to pay when you stooped on the double yellow lines while you nipped into Tesco to get groceries. These are examples of what could be holding you back from moving forward with your finances. See the possible bad credit information or your “data self” lenders see when you apply for a loan. It helps to know what you’re up against when trying to move up the money ladder. Experian make it easier for your to acquire the credit history information needed to repair a badly damaged credit score.
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View your credit score and comprehensive credit report with Equifax. This report will give you the solutions to help protect against identity theft. It will also assist in understanding the information to improve your credit reputation.

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Totally Money

Totally Money

These people are good they have won personal finance awards and best credit report provider. Join them now and get a free credit report and scrutinise your credit rating. This credit rating company is helping consumers get back on track with their money.

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Get unlimited access to reports and credit score data its updated daily with Transunion and just a few clicks away. Information is power and knowing what data is out there about your finances will give you the power to rectify any bad debt reports.

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History of Experian credit reports

Experian is a consumer credit reporting business working multinationally. The far back history of the company lies between the UK and USA retailers who wanted to avoid bad debtors. The name Experian originates in Texas in the USA when private’s equity firms purchased TRW Information Systems and Services. It was later sold to Great Universal Stores Ltd. GUS the big catalogue business based in Manchester in the north of England contributed a big part to the growth of Experian. They combined the data collected from the mail order business to make a centralised database. They are now a global leader in data gathering and analyzation. Employing 1000’s worldwide with offices in over thirty seven countries.

Questions Asked

Checking your credit score with Experian will not effect your credit rating or hurt your credit score. A soft search will be registered to show you checked your own credit rating.

If you sign up for an Experian account you can get a credit report for free.yes completely free no credit card needed lets not put the horse before the cart.

There is no definitive number but you can work on averages. The rating is scored from 0 to 999 below 720 is considered a poor rating above is viewed as good. This rating is incremental and on a scale from rock bottom which is very poor through to poor, fair and up to good and excellent. The better credit score you have usually means you will get the best interest rates on loans, mortgages and credit cards. If you do have a terrible credit score and get accepted for credit its typically at a higher interest rate.

Manage your finances better, keep on top of your bills and pay them on time don’t let your credit card balance reach the max and pay on time!

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Who has your information

Identity theft is a big issue in the modern age of online data availability. Some say Experian is the biggest thief of your financial information. This is a big factor in your financial reputation and can damage your credit score. Using a free Experian credit report can give you access to check for unrecognised activity.
Keep your computer virus software up to date and learn against phishing email and other online scams designed to steal your personal financial data. Trusted companies and even government organisations are just as vulnerable to data breaches.
Get in to good habits when dealing with your money and take precautions.
Check your bank statements regularly and carefully. If you spot any unfamiliar transactions, inform your bank straight away and explain the circumstances.
Your credit report will have information on your financial records like loans and credit cards applied for in your name. As well as catalogues and even mobile phone contracts. If you don’t recognise any of the transactions report to the relevant body.
Don’t post sensitive information on social media organised criminal gangs scour these sites and piece together snippets of information about you. Edit out the names of pets and your mother’s maiden name, what school you went to and anything else you might use as a PIN number or password.
Use strong passwords on all you’re banking accounts. Update signing in methods and use all the latest bank security procedures like calling your phone before any transactions. Be on your guard against hoax calls, letters or phishing e-mails. Criminals are using sophisticated methods to get your personal info.
Keep your money safe people and don’t let the bad guys get access!
If your running into financial problems and want independent free advice on your finances get in-touch with, The Money service Service