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Ordering your contact lenses on the internet is perfectly safe and now a very popular way to purchase lenses. Stick to a reputable retailer like the 4 best contact lens sellers we have listed below. You can buy with a prescription but if you do not have one and know your up to date requirements its still possible. These can be found on the side of your latest prescription lens box. If you cannot find your prescription box contact your optician they will give you details of the lenses you wear.

Health and Fitness

Your eyes need looking after like all body organs having a good nutritional diet helps. Beta carotene and vitamin A are known to assist in eye health consider taking vitamins and supplements if you think your lacking.

Skincare and Beauty

Eye creams help take care of the delicate skin around your eye. Squinting and not wearing shades or a hat in the sun can hasten the arrival of lines and wrinkles. Also, fluid can collect under the eyes causing puffiness and dark rings.

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Contact lenses at Boots Opticians

Book an eye test online at Boots Opticians to determine your current contact lens or spectacle needs. All given with expert advice on contact lenses and glasses.

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Top 4 shopping websites for contact lenses in the UK

The Lens Store


About: the eye experts selling contact lenses on the internet. Shop with confidence at the Lens store when buying your contact lenses online. They are dedicated to providing the best eye care possible to contact lens wearers. If you have any questions regarding your eye care, they have an inhouse optician and care team. Delivery is fast with most orders processed the same day. Eye tests can be conducted at Vision Express shops around the UK. Leading brands of contact lenses are stocked with Air Optix, Acuvue and Dailies just some of the top brands sold.

History Summary: Founded by two Oxford graduates Olga Nuryaeva and Mitesh Patel in 2008. Olga and Mitesh later married after meeting at Oxford. The launching of the website on 11th June 2008 was ground-breaking at the time. No one in the UK was really buying their contact lenses on the internet. They Set out from the beginning to make sure every customer was happy with the service; this became their mantra. Within the first five years of business the success was fantastic and they won many accolades and awards. In 2013 Lenstore was acquired by GrandVision who also own Vision Express. This gave Lenstore an affiliation on the UK high street with the optician Vision Express. Mitesh is still the CEO.

Lens Store

Best Buys: One Day ACUVUE MOIST

  • Book a free eye test at Vision Express
  • Fast and free UK delivery on contact lenses
Independent seller of contact lenses


About: are one of the oldest online sellers of contact lenses in the internet. It’s a great destination for lenses and cleaning solutions plus all the accessories lens wearers need. They’ve sold and delivered literally millions of lenses for customers in the UK. These same customers come back again which is proof they offer quality and value. ContactLenses gives a quick and hassle-free way to order contact lenses on the internet 24 hours a day at discount prices.

History Summary: They state the business was started from their spare room and have been on the internet since 1996. There is no other information related to the origins of the business or who the CEO is. Despite the lack of company background information and an about us page do have average favourable reviews across the internet. Best Buys: Crystal one day lenses – Contact lens with or without prescriptions – Auto reorder 12-month price guarantee

Specsavers store online

3: Specsavers UK

About: sell a wide selection of the best contact lenses available from the leading brands. Spec Savers work with over 2400 associates globally to offer affordable high-quality optical contact lenses. If you have not had your eyes tested in a while you will be surprised at the advance in technology Specsavers offer to find the right contact lens for you. You may recall them from their very successful advertising campaigns. This usually has a mishap by an unfortunate soul followed by the tag line should’ve gone to Specsavers.

History Summary: Specsavers Optical Group is a UK based international optician chain of shops which offers optician services for eye sight testing and sells glasses and contact lenses. They operate in the UK, Australia and Scandinavian countries. The company was established by husband and wife team Mary Perkins and partner Doug Perkins. They go all the way back to 1984 in their spare room on Guernsey in the English Channel. It’s a family-run business and they work together with franchise store partners to offer the best value optometry services, glasses and contact lens deals. Specsavers is the main supplier of contact lenses for delivery to the home in Europe. Mary and her husband Doug each own 50% of Specsavers and maintain family control of the group employing all of their three children.

Best Buys: easyvision Clearus disposables

  • Tailored eye examination for specific needs
  • Super value contact lenses + try for free
Acuvue - Biomedics - Focus - Freshlook

4: Euro Lens

About: is basically the best contact lens site for the European market. They sell and deliver lenses to EU countries. It offers customers a discount on the high cost of contact lenses through their website. They are one of the best choices for replenishing your contact lenses fast and affordably around the UK and Europe. The parent company is based in the USA and brings the buying power UK contact lens buyers should expect. A wide selection is available in the lens catalogue from disposable, coloured, bifocal, gas permeable, toric lenses and novel brands.

History Summary: USA based have been in the contact lens business since 1995 they are the father company of EuroLens. Most people have had a very good experience buying contact lenses form them. In some instances customers have had problems with import duty so check by email before placing your order if you have concerns.

Euro Lens

Best Buys: One Day Acuvue Contact Lenses

  • Top lens brands like Acuvue and Biomedics
  • Millions of contact lenses in stock
Our Top 4 Contact Lens Retailers Online

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Did you know back in the 1500s Leonardo da Vinci sketches and comes up with the idea of different types of contact lenses.