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Proud home for all nerds and geeks of the world! All things geeky are sold at the Geek Store its the best place online to buy official TV, film and gaming merchandise. GeekStore.com also sell clothing merch from movies games and TV series to help nurture and grow your inner geekiness. Whether you’re into sci-fi or complete fantasy or want to buy a t-shirt of your favourite playstation game Geek sell the lot even your geeky gaming Christmas jumpers. No longer in business please try our recommended alternatives.
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GeekStore.com shopping categories cover home and office, clothing, toys and figures, gaming peripherals and personal accessory merchandise.
Action gaming figures and figurines are a big draw at the Geek shop with characters from comic books, gaming, movies and TV shows to choose from. The best brand franchises are offered with the likes of DC, Marvel, Pulp Fiction, Star Wars and Star Trek among the themes on sale.
Put a twist into the home and office environment with a Star Wars door mat or have your cornflakes in an official overwatch reaper bowl. If the office is getting a bit stuffy buy Harry Potter stationery to lighten up any dreary boardroom. The Game of Thrones Seven Kingdoms notebook and journal are big sellers.
For the gamers Geek Store have some really cool peripherals and accessories to accompany all consoles. Everything from leads to skins and controllers for PlayStation, Official Numskull Products for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC Peripherals to maximise your gaming experience.
Clothing merchandise apparel: dress like a superhero from morning till night with Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket dressing gowns matched with Marvel black panther slippers. To get you through the day buy a hoodie or t-shirts from the big movie and game franchises. Lat but not least any self respecting geek store wouldn’t be real without a colourful Christmas jumper. This isn’t a definitive list of goods sold take a look for your self! If you have a guitar nut in the family they will be your skivvy forever if you bought them a Positive Grid Spark Amp just take a look.

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Truffle Shuffle sell an exclusive choice of retro gifts and clothing all inspired by music, games, TV and Film from the coolest decades. Even if your not a child of the eighties there’s lots of cool stuff for sale from the 70s and 90s. “Hey you guys” let’s get shopping on the internet.
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My Geek Box

If you want geeky surprises in the post every month then sign up for a My Geek Box subscription membership. You will receive a themed box each month with a variety of official merchandise. Disney homeware and Funko Pop Vinyl figures to Loungefly Star Wars bags plus a monthly t-shirt.
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Unusual lifestyle gifts for the home and person that does not lack creativity. Firebox sell strange presents for the individual that would not appreciate a David Beckham body spray & shower gel gift set. Buy the unconventional gifts for peculiar people, gift wrapped by 3 year olds.
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More about GeekStore.com

GeekStore.com is part of Yellow Bulldog Ltd a business venture set up by Benjamin Grant and Matthew Precious in 2012. Both are former employees of GAME the gaming website selling consoles, video games and accessories at www.game.co.uk. They have many years experience in gaming and merchandise associated to the gaming industry. They also run Rubber Road Ltd which has related business’s under its umbrella. These include Numskull which is licensed to manufacture and design film and gaming merchandise. Numskull designed the retro quarter size Pac-Man arcade cabinet that can be purchased through the Geek Store. If you would like to buy in person and live in or near Hull they have a store in the Princes Quay Shopping Centre. Stock will probably differ from geekstore.com website but worth a visit to check out all the geeky gear on display. Store address: Level: 2, Unit G41, Princes Quay Shopping Centre, Kingston-upon-Hull, East Yorkshire, HU1 2PQ. The company’s headquarters are based in Welwyn Garden City and they have a distribution warehouse on the Viking Industrial Estate, Jarrow, Tyne and Wear.

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Singing up for the newsletter is handy for receiving info on the latest deals. Check out the offers section on the top menu with deals like 3 gaming t shirts for a tenner and official Star Wars POP bobble figurines, The last Jedi Finn for thirty quid regular updated with more offers.

Standard postage for the UK is absolutely free geekstore.com do ship worldwide and there will be charges for this but in the UK postage is free, fantastic.

The customer reviews are quite favourable with Trustpilot giving an excellent rating.

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Nerd central items online

What to buy a geek, any thing to do with Star Wars and Star Trek, Doctor Who, Funko Pops, Rick and Morty Monopoly game
Japanese animation science fiction, video games.
Are you a geek to a nerd? The word geek comes from the English word geck for ‘fool’, its got Germanic origins related gek, mad or freak. The first documented case of the word nerd comes from a children’s book written by Dr. Seuss in 1950 “If I Ran the Zoo”.
The terms “geek” and “nerd” invoke lots of mental pictures of sci fi, comic books, Japanese manga, video games. Mostly positive with the help of TV shows like Big Bang Theory geeks and nerds are becoming cool.
If you want to become or know if your a geek answer these questions.
1: Are you socially awkward with little social skills or just don’t like social situations?
2: Do you have a nonsocial hobby that you are obsessive about?
3: Have you ever been described as weird or odd?
4: Are you an avid video game player?
5: Are you an expert or have a enthusiastic interest in digital technology?
6: Do you read and collect comic books?
7: Do you collect gaming or science fiction merchandise?
If you answered yes to at least 3 questions your a geek if you answered yes to all your a full blown geek.