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ASOS is now the biggest independent UK fashion retailer solely based online. Originally called As Seen On Screen it tracked and sold clothing styles celebrities and stars wore on TV and big screen. They now sell their own London designed clothing plus thousands of top fashion named brands. ASOS are a clothing company that’s had phenomenal growth and is still making strides into other fashion stores and websites.
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Asos (As Seen On Screen) have become an online fashion selling giant. Selling their own branded clothing for men and women direct from a London based design house. The website also retails hundreds of partner clothing brands. Offering the freshest variety of clothing, accessories, shoes and gifts. Asos is also a wonderful place to shop for beauty products. The makeup, skincare and hair products sold are all respected names in the beauty industry. Buy what you see celebs wearing on the TV and films at As Seen On Screen.
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History of ASOS

ASOS plc the celebrity inspired clothing seller was founded in the year 2000 and based in Camden Town, London.
There were four initial founders of As Seen On Screen. First was former CEO Nick Robertson who was preceded by present CEO Nick Beighton. Then there was a Mancunian Andrew Regan who was the financier behind the company. Andrew has had a very interesting life being a Polar explorer amongst other things. Quentin Griffiths sold his shares in ASOS in 2005 to focus on other start up businesses. Lastly, Deborah Thorpe who was with ASOS.com in the early days as the Commercial Director and left in 2002.
The Danish businessman Anders Holch Povlsen is now the largest stakeholder in ASOS.com. He is a member of the family that owns the international women’s fashion business Bestseller. Incidentally Anders Holch Povlsen is also the biggest private landowner in the United Kingdom.
Nick Beighton CEO of ASOS recently announced the acquisition of three iconic British brands (Topman, Topshop and Miss Selfridge) from Sir Philip Green’s Arcadia group.

Questions Asked

ASOS is an acronym standing for As Seen On Screen. It started out as a celebrity fashion focussed online retailer.

Asos are a giant of retailing clothes online. It did start out selling clothing styles like you would see stars and celebrities wearing on the television.
ASOS do offer gift vouchers. They come in a variety of designs and denominations. Gift cards can be sent to the recipients inbox with a personal message, also known as the easiest way to win at presents.
ASOS’s customer target base is aged from 18 to 34 with a focus on the 20-somethings.
When shopping at ASOS you can be assured the clothes brands you buy are not fake but originals and authentic. That said they are an ethical retailer and will accept returned items and give a refund.
ASOS the UK’s biggest online fashion website

ASOS strictly online only fashion shop

Clothes shopping as changed in recent years with some of the most successful fashion sellers having an online presence only. Upgrading your wardrobe is now easier with websites like Yoox.com, ASOS.com, boohoo.com and Only.com these are just some of the major players changing the way we shop. One of the reasons www.asos.co.uk became so successful online apart from selling the latest trends can initially be put down to offering worldwide free shipping and free returns.