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These may be the most random shopping items you can find in the aisles. But anyone who has ever shopped at Aldi knows what to expect. Cheap and often very handy impulsive buys. They can also now be purchased online as well as in- store so get shopping for them cycling socks, outdoor pizza ovens or a Harry Potter 3D jigsaw. There truly is some amazing bargains for everyone with Aldis Special Buys offers.
Aldi Special Buys

Aldi UK Specialbuy range

All these deals at Aldi are only available while stocks last. Most of the real deal items seem to be one offs. The eclectic range of goods being sold is staggering and worth a browse just to pick up ideas of what you might need. It’s the sort of bargain shop you go in for a loaf of bread and come out with a trumpet a bouncy castle and a two man tent. Anyone who’s been shopping at Aldi will know they sell a massive range of crazy and eclectic things at some bargain small prices on the internet and in the store. The Aldi Specialbuys section covers a whole gamut of items. Covering all walks of life, from Gardening and DIY to camping, Cycling, health, Beauty and Babies. All sold at amazing value prices.
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A Little About

History of Aldi

Aldi the cut price German discount food and assorted goods retailer with an international presence. It all started with Anna Albrecht in 1913 running a small grocery store in Essen, Germany. In 1948 her sons Karl and Theo Albrecht took over the business. They started a rapid expansion of the stores and by 1962 they had over 300 grocery shops.
The first UK Aldi store was opened in Stechford, Birmingham on the 5th April 1990.
Aldi the budget grocery chain have also been making in-roads in the United States. Since 1976 but are rapidly becoming the third largest grocery store in the US giving Walmart a run for their money.
The name Aldi comes from a merging of the founders surname Karl and Theo Albrecht and the word discount. In German Albrecht Diskont, means Albrecht’s Discount shortened to Aldi.
Shopping for Aldi’s special buys have attracted many a humorous quip, there is even a twitter account dedicated to highlighting these weird buys.

Questions Asked

Apart from being a cheap grocery store product wise their Kevin the Carrot soft toys are very popular after being featured in Aldi’s Christmas adverts.
Aldi do offer click and collect on groceries but do not currently offer this service for Specialbuys.

A little bird told me that Specialbuys are restocked with new and existing goods weekly on Thursday and Sunday usually in the evening. So get shopping early doors the following days.


Aldi Cheap shopping

The most random buys on the aisles

Some of the weird and wonderful items we found on the middle aisles at a Manchester Aldi store. Situated in-between the fresh vegetables and tins of beans Aldi makes it an eventful shopping experience.
For a mere £9.99 the residents of Manchester council estates can partake in the distinguished game of croquet. Aldi Special buys Croquet sets are available for the lawns of Wythenshawe Manchester.
Need to pick up a scaffolding tower while you pop into Aldi for your bread and milk. No fear for only £69.99 you can own a Workzone Scaffold and Ladder setup for all them DIY height jobs that need doing.
If you’re in to creating your own fashion you can buy a So Crafty Dressmakers Dummy for £69.99. Hang your clothes for designing and alterations with this flexible and adjustable clothing dress makers mannequin.
These are just a little selection of the eclectic items on sale at Aldi stores and at aldi.co.uk. Aldi is well known for its Specialbuys promotions and as the saying goes when its gone its gone!