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About the UK Shopping Guide

We are here to help you shop online, giving history and information on UK shopping websites. I say we but it’s really I from Manchester in the North of England.

What we are about

Welcome to or also known as UK Shopping Guide this site was created with the purpose of assisting UK online shoppers. We provided additional information on shops and websites that sell products and services to the UK based shopping community. We also accept feedback and visitor suggestions to help improve our site. Any thing constructive is gratefully welcomed. Contact If you would like to get your shop listed.

We earn a small commission

This is not entirely a selfless task a lot of the links to the shopping websites are what’s called affiliate links. That means I receive a small commission if you complete a transaction. This covers my time researching the shops history and any other added information I can find. Well in fact it doesn’t cover my costs or time spent entirely but what the hell you only live once. Go outside and look at trees and listen to the birds singing.

A Few Questions Answered About Us

On a council estate in Manchester, one of the up-market estates though. I work out of my bedroom in between watching travel programmes on YouTube and having KFC delivered.

We are not a giant company but a one-man band trying to make a living in cyber space. The rent needs paying and i need feeding and the gold fish are greedy buggers for fish food.

We do not give discount directly from us but we do have access to exclusive discount vouchers and codes that are supplied to us from our shopping partner’s.

Our Site Identity button a green padlock appears in your address bar this indicates our website is secure. This helps you dodge malicious websites that are trying to obtain your personal information. We do not ask for any of your details. If you wish you can sign up to our discount code email but we will only require your email to send discount codes. as been directing shoppers to UK shop websites since 2003 so pretty old as far as the internet’s age goes.

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We hope you find helpful, if you do please share on social media and make sure you add us to your favourites and recommend UK Shopping Guide to your friends and family. We are confident you will find the UK Shopping Guide experience helpful in your pursuit of materialistic goods in life.